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  • Congratulations on the wedding Jules & Debbie! The photos Kenny put up were great, especially the one after photoshop :rof:
    My plan is that if you get a chance to come to San Diego I would borrow my neighbors Ducati Monster and you'd ride my bike. You're familiar with the Fz6 aren't you? Hahaha!

    When you can let me have some dates. I'm out of work right now so have a little open time between looking.


    ps: I don't let anyone ride my bike......and Oh yeah is that Jamie smellin his finger on your album? I'm going to photoshop an olive or something on that....Hahaha Hey it's his birthday.
    Hey mate, hows it going?.
    Good to know there are other fazer riders in oz. haven't seen a single 1 in sydney(apart from an fz1)
    Hey Aussiejules I see you have subscribed to Aussie Fizzers,how did you do it?

    Cheers Dunny
    Hey.....I'm having a tough time right now. Haven't really thought about the forum until I got a donation last week. I'm still waiting for my heart to START healing...... I don't think I'll ever be the same. Thanks for the message, I appreciate it.
    Hey Aussiejules,
    If your interested, i am planning on going on a ride on Sunday if the weather is any good. Would not be leaving till about 2pm (i work till 4am Sunday Morning!)Have not worked out where to yet, maybe a short blat up to Lobethal for a coffeee stop, then home to watch the Moto GP on Fox.

    If i go to Lobethal, i can meet people at the Mc Donalds on Magill Rd, as it sorta is at the bottom of the hill.

    The other option is to go from the mobile service station just by the toll gate, up through Stirling, Bridewater, Mylor, then on to Meadows for a more sedate ride (less twisty, nice flowing bends), and the Bakery at Meadows is awesome!

    If your up for it, let me know via here, or e-mail me at [email protected]

    But i am only going if the weather is good...i ride enough in the rain, going to work and stuff, and when i have a choice i like to avoid riding wet roads in the hills & country.

    Anyway, will leave it with you.

    PS: have also sent this message to Stumbles06+, as he has also shown interest in going for a ride. :)
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