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    Zakry is doing good we go to the Dr today at noon I will let everyone know how he is doing after. Thank you for your concern and compassion.
    Hey Chimneydoc hows things? Been riding yet? Not me its too cold! It was 42 below zero two days ago with the wind!
    Thats a pretty long trip, do you have the stock seat? I tend to get a sore backside if I ride too long. I think I would like to get the gel seat. I made the mistake of saying that comment to a friend of mine and he thought that was really funny and called me a nancy-boy. But whats the point of killing yourself if you can make your ride more comfy?
    Hey I like your bike I have the '07 fz6 in that cool red too. Where was this picture taken? It looks kinda like Glacier Park in Mt.
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