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  • Hey just wanted to ask you in your profile pic is that a fz6 i tried to large to pic but couldnt
    where is the headlight/mask from if its not stock.
    what mods did you do to your bike to make it like the newer ones? I'm looking to get an fz6 and like the look of the older ones but I do like the fairing from the 07 but not the colors of the 08 & 09. Did you do the brake upgrade too? If you did the fairing, and gages, how hard is it to do?
    Hi crazybiker, I have a few questions i hope you could help me with.I just got a 2005 fz6n and i want to fit a barracuda fly screen. The problem is i only like the screens for the S2 models so i was considering buying some S2 clocks so i can fit the fly screen on. Would you consider this to create problems or is it a pretty straight forward job. Thanks for your time .andy.
    Hey Crazybiker,
    What happende to our fender kit deal.
    Will you post it to me soon?
    I'm ready to purchase a rear trunk and rack do you still like the SH50 as I was going to purchase the same set-up you did.
    Thanks Mike
    Hello Crazybiker,

    You would send me the R6 mod fender kit.
    But we both lost communication.
    So do you still got the fender kit?
    Write me your paypal adress and i`l send you $10.
    Also if you have any shims or spacers that would be cool...
    Waiting to hear from you....

    I was wondering where you got the reflective sticker on the back and side of your bike!

    Grtz Joe.
    Hello Crazybiker,
    Great that you have the fender kit.

    I am a bit confused abaout this mod. these days.
    I have some questions:

    Do you advice R6 fork mod ?
    Is the fender kit you have fits 2005 Fz6 ?
    Don`t you think using shims instead of cnc made spacers in the axle make any difference ?
    How much would this fender kit costs including shipping to Istanbul / Turkey ?

    Greetings from Istanbul.
    I am looking for shim and fender kit for R6 fork modification to 2005 Fz6.
    Can you help me where cai found this set?


    If you are interested in my '08 upper cowl/headlight assembly, hit me back, or just give me a call 304-692-3815

    thanks, Lucas
    Parts required:
    Torque Wrench, 19 mm socket to fit your wrench, FZ6 & R6 service manual, R6 forks and calipers, Shim kit for axle, caliper and fender spacing (the kit is no more available but check with sharkbait from SBN, only fender spacers are the difficult part, others you can get from mcmastercarr), optional: SS brake lines, HH brake pads. You will also require bleeding your brake system. I was a noob but I figured everything out reading online instructions. Great learning experience. PM, me your email address; I will send you a set of instructions I prepared with pictures for this mod and other mods I did.
    Hey Bro, I was wondering how you did the R6 Front fork Mod, and what all was enatiled in it. Did you get any benefits from it?
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