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  • I hear ya!
    And on top of that, you come back and someone has a go at you in your thread! Don't worry, sorted :)
    Dean??? I do hope you're on vacation! It's not like you to be away from us for this long!
    I give it out so I need to be able to take it :D

    Same back to you about reading your posts :)

    I agree with you that your reaction shouldn't be a surprise, but seems that it's a rarity. And while I have been a member for a while, I only recently started to make an effort to give Rep points where I feel they are deserved. :D
    Well, put puppies on bike (husbands Speed Triple). He loves them.
    Nice work Dean!
    Hi Dean. Puppies arrived today. Thanks SOOO much for doing that. If I can ever return the favour let me know.
    Dean, that sound great. Thank you so much. My email address is [email protected]

    If you send me an email we can discuss addresses, payments etc.

    Thanks again Dean.
    That's great. Thanks so much Dean.

    Hope your family enjoys Thanksgiving.

    Hi Dean
    Well, they want US$58 for delivery! I can't believe it. The grip puppies are only worth about US$10. So, if the offer is still open, what I might do is order and pay for them, get the free delivery they offer direct to you, then deposit money in your account/paypal/whatever you want, so you can post them to me in Australia. We are in Western Australia - postcode 6084. Is it possible for you to find out what the postage to us would be? Your help in this would be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks,
    Hi Dean
    Noticed you have Grip Puppies. I have been trying to find some here in Oz but can't, so am looking overseas now. Do you know where you bought them?
    Thanks, Karen
    Hi Dean! Thanks! I got the bike like that, the dealer I got it from said it was stock but I didn’t believe him. It is very much hand painted, you can see little imperfections in it, which as an artist I think is pretty neat. And there’s a random piece of red glitter in there too, haha.

    I really like the all black too! I never thought about changing the passenger footpegs, thanks for thinking of that! Now another thing to add to the purchasing list for the winter! :p
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