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  • Yeah, in Iraq we had to wear reflective belts at night. "Better to aim at you with Mister."
    OMG...if I didn't know any better, I'd think you were kidding, but this is our government we're talking about....
    Hey man - i read in a post from 2008 that you had seen some instances of "stone jam" with some FZ6's.
    As you will see in my post just now i have just had this happen to me with disasterous results.
    Just wondering if you happen to know if there is justification to go to Yamaha and have them explain this design fault.
    I'm interested in your leathers. Check out your post. Why are you selling them?
    I was watching the Buell 1125r's race the Daytona Sportbike at Road America today. Thats one hot bike. Do you think you can ride that or the Fiz faster After youve had a few track days on each?
    I am looking for a carbon look rear hugger, I used the search feature and found a post from Wolfman saying that you had given him a line on where to get one.

    Would you be willing to share that info? Thank you.
    Thanks for the rep Pete! Apparently you have already said something I liked in the recent past lol
    You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to Hellgate again
    Hey pete, I am off to my first track day on the 11th at Eagles Canyon with the RideSmart group. Quick question, I am thinking that removing the centerstand would be a good idea, is this overkill for my first trackday or reasonable idea. Still planning to get down for a Elite day this summer or fall as well.
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