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  • LOL, I won't really bring the dogs as it would take a WIDE side car to hold them and yes lets pencil in July or August for next year. Tell Carrie paper plates, red solo cups and pizza will be just fine.
    He!! yea, July or August is good for me. Wife says I have to take the dogs with me next time, think Mia will like BIG dogs?
    LMAO at your Alfred E. Newman avatar! I have a similar AEN I use on another web site Lol!
    I still love Mad and I never get over the genius in their cartoons and art.
    Quote: "Randy, remind me never to stand next to you during a thunderstorm!"
    It's been 25 years, I'm due for a Recharge! lol
    Lol, dude I don't know what you're taking about....
    But thanks. I sure wish you were coming with us.
    Thanks brother. I don't use the visitor message much so I'm not sure if I'm just supposed to post on my messages or what. Thank goodness you're a moderator and a genius to boot. What do you mean move down there?! Hell man, I grew up in SoCal until I was 19!
    You guys have a great ride this weekend and you hoons have to get up here soon so I can repay your hospitality.
    F*ck I hear ya! Work is messing with my head lately and I need to find balance... thank god my wife and girls are here, and of course my man John with who I am riding this wkd btw (and Kenny too, that bastard! lol). I'll tell them both you say hello. Hang in there man, or move down here :D

    ps: your message board?
    It blows dude. I haven't ridden since I got back, between work being nuts and my screwed up left hand that took a week to heal, it just sucks. You can't imagine how much I miss being down there with you and John and being able to go riding with you guys. give him my regards when you see him.
    Cheers, John
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