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  • Josh, I would see your messages alot sooner if you posted them on my page :)
    Anyway, we still hang out in the chat room on wednesday's but if I see you "on" I will automatically go in there. Hope all is good!
    things are good are you doing?
    One of these days I'm hoping to catch you in the chat room for a real update :)
    Hey Josh! Glad to see ya still pop on once in awhile :)
    Hope you have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY today!
    Take care xo
    I had a feeling you might have responded to my message, But I don't think to look on "your" page for it LOL! Glad work is steady for you, but remember you have to play too! XO
    thanks girl! i miss the chats to just been crazy busy with work, i never have any time to be on here or do anything. sleep and
    Thanks again Brenda
    Josh!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Have a fantastic day........
    I hope all is well with you & I know I'm not the only one who missus chatting with ya.
    Hi Josh.. I received the pegs today. Nice work. I hope to get them on the bike this weekend. Thanks for the quick turnaround.
    Just put the footpegs on and took the bike for a ride last night.. feels nice I like the grip on them and they look real nice on the bike. Thanks
    Sweet Pegs man got em put on the other day, now I just gotta get the huge dent in my tank fixed and i'll be set to try em out. I will definetly be getting some of the screw ins for the back in the future.
    You still selling the footpegs? IAlso did you ever make the shifter and brake pedals like I was reading in one thread?
    Hey Josh, been awhile since you were in the chat room with us. Just thought I'd say hi =)
    I told you I'd do a post just for your BD.... Enjoy & I hope you have a great birthday!
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