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  • LOL!! That was too funny Cliff.....Happy to hear you guys are living in your own little world (probably better that way anywhoo!) ;)
    Thank you Brenda! It happened about 2 days ago. It took about ten years of posting! lol! I really enjoy the forum. I sort of have the same experience in my neighborhood. I enjoy helping out and having fun with the peeps!
    Well, I don't know when it happened but we finally have a new Top Poster! Yup, that would be YOU!!! Congrats Brother :cheer:
    Not sure how to "clear" a visitors message and can't seem to figure out how to delete it biggie.
    Hope you & Lisa have a wonderful New Year as well! :hug:
    Mr Cliff
    Here is the completed switchback circuit for DRL, w/schemo, parts, video, layout, ect, all that jazz...
    Moto, can you check your PM? I really could use your help again.... :shakehead:
    Thanks for the Rep! And likewise - your support helping others is a WIN for everyone! Thanks!
    Last post here was me? Ouch!
    Thank you! Sorry, I haven't been on in a while (on the computer-I don't know how to look at messages on Tapatalk).
    G'day Cliff! How ya going? Do you have anyway of getting in touch with Bryan? We need him to kick off the MCN Fantasy Racing comp again this year. I've sent him a message but he hasn't logged on for a couple of weeks. Cheers, Kaz - love to Lisa x
    No Love Bro.... Its says "I must spread some Rep elsewhere"... Reference active RR Alternate replacement thread! Nice video!
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