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  • It's an 06.
    The exhausts are Scorpions, the carbon fiber model. Great sound, great looks.
    Hi Mikel,
    No, the 2 resistors are for the flashers...they are meant to slow them down if they are flashing too fast. LED's will cause the flashers to flash very quickly. If your flashers are flashing normally with the CA taillight unit, then don't worry about installing the resistors.
    The LED board is fastened by two screws, but you have to drill two holes into the back of the reflector. You can find instructions on installing the LED board here:-
    Hope this helps!
    All the best,
    My Name is Mikel and I am new to the FZ forum. I found your post on the Clear Alternatives integrated tail light and wondered if you could help me out. I recently purchased a 06 FZ6 and it had the CA integrated tail light already installed. While being followed by my wife on the way home she noticed that my brake light did not engage upon stopping. When I got it home I checked for connection issues but didn't find any, so I called CA tech department. They said I needed a new LED board and sent it to me right away. I have received the new board and temporarily hooked it up and everything seems to work fine. In the package came 2 resistors, Do I need to hook these up to the tail light? It seems to function properly without them and they weren't installed with the old board. My other question is how did you attach your board to the tail light housing. The guy that I bought it off of had the board gorilla glued to on. Probably one reason why it went bad. I just don't know if there was anything that should of been there factory, being that I didn't get any of the factory parts when I purchased the bike used.

    Any help would be much appreciated
    Thank You
    Hi Jim,
    I was a bit anxious myself about how loud my new Scorpions would be, particularly when they arrived and on the box was "For Racing Only".:eek:
    My set did not come with the DB killers.
    However, when I fired the bike up after the install, the sound was GLORIOUS, not obnoxious at all. They have a healthy rumble at idle, and a great sound under acceleration....again, not "loud", but more of a "snarl". I like that. They sound great on downshift (blipping between downshifts). When cruising at a steady speed on the highway, all I can hear is a nice, subdued "Puuuurrrrrrrrr" from the Scorpions.
    IOW, don't worry about them...the sound is quite acceptable and you won't be regarded as an irresponsible a-hole. :thumbup:
    I have heard the 3 Bros and the Leo-Vinces and imho they have a raspy "edge" to the sound that is not nice....they are just LOUD. The Scorp's have a quality sound that really wakes up the R6-ish motor in the FZ6. Scorpions are British made, and the Brits have always understood what a motorcycle engine should sound like. They hit a home run with the FZ6 Scorpions. :Sport:
    Hope this helps!
    Saw your avatar with the neat cans on the back. They look very cool. I've seen them before, but can't remember the brand...Scorpion? Anyway, how's the sound? I test drove an R6 the other day, and although I probably couldn't deal with the riding position for any length of time, the sound was INCREDIBLE!
    Would you mind snapping a pic from above on how the Motopaks are mounted. I just picked up a set of 60 liter saddle bags. Maybe I'm over thinking it, but having a hard time figuring the best way to mount them, so they don't flop around in the wind.

    Matthew (Denver_FZ6)
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