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  • Hey Kenny,

    I've just confirmed I'm going to be moving back to Thompson Fall Montana... like shortly... Wanna meet up for a ride? Boise is only a hop skip and a jump... what does your September look like?

    Hey Kenny,

    I just finished the graphics tonight for my FZ On-board power post... should i do a new thread or tag on to an existing one... The words will be done tomorrow.

    Kenny it is so simple you will smile big when I show you! Please bear with me while I get used to this forum format, I have never been a forum guy until today (or yesterday) I've got to get to bed, early morning tomorrow and Vegas is just like you left it! It is so funny you said that, I love it here but for riding I miss the mountains! Lets tag up in the afternoon...

    A way home if its not planned already... head up to WA and eat in Town of Cougar at the The Cougar Bar & Grill which has GREAT FOOD for hole in the wall place! Location is 16849 Lewis River Rd, Cougar, WA 98616 by the Yale reservoir. Key ingredient is riding on Wind River Rd into Carson. Another option is to head east to US FS 141, but that's uncharted territory.,-121.539001&sspn=0.09674,0.148659&geocode=FQmltwId6lix-CE9XA44k3baWynRINx0qqCVVDE9XA44k3baWw%3BFbTovgIdZgm6-A%3BFcQovgIdbv27-A%3BFZGQuQIdxxa9-A%3BFWWxuQId3zXC-A%3BFWyBuQIdpAjC-A&t=h&mra=mi&mrsp=5&sz=13&z=13
    Hmm, I've got my range up to 400mi/day. I would absolutely need a different bike to do much more. I really hope to meet you sometime! Until then, I'll continue to enjoy your posts! :)
    Hi Kenny, What are your plans for rides this summer? We are a lot closer than we used to be. Let me know bro!
    Kenny, let me know what your plans are for Colorado, I'd be happy to suggest some stuff for you. And mb you can swing thru COS for a coke or something :)
    Yep, my first medical device contained a flammable liquid so we had to learn all about the regulations and do things the right way or risk huge PERSONAL fines or imprisonment. Once before I knew about the regs, I took an entire case of the stuff (bone cement) on a plane with me to get it to a test lab. This was obviously pre-9/11. I found out only later that I was risking a $250,000 personal fine and jail time!!!
    Flathead lake is a real great lake, Its about fifty miles long and has nice roads all the way around it, although you need to be really careful of the posted speed limits through the little towns on the back side. If you get back up this way drop me a line and Ill take a cruise over. [email protected]. I really love that area of Mt. and would like to move back over that way in the near future. Take care, Shawn.
    How was your trip to Yellowstone? I'm closer to Glacier Park and it's also awesome. It has been really rainy this year so I'm not suprised you got rained on.
    Thanks for the rep, it was my pleasure and I would be happy to take you on 33 the next time you are out this way.
    I didn't want to post in the thread, but wanted to express my sympathy for your loss. That is truly a heartbreaking story.
    What you do is hit the link for the Members List above then sort by join date. When you make it to your name, use the "Showing results ## to ## and count down from this number to your name on the list. :thumbup:
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