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  • For your next lesson, please refer to this link. It sets all matter of Who and Whom into context! How and why to use whom in a sentence - The Oatmeal - not that you had issues in this way but it made me laugh!
    THx for the rep my dear! I hope all is well for you too... I tried to get off the pain meds for a couple of days but quickly went back to them as my ribs and shoulder still hurt quite a lot... the problem is not just the pain, it's the fact that the rest of my body starts compensating for the pain and everything else (neck, back, other shoulder etc...) starts hurting as well... pain meds rock though :) Anyway, hope life is good for you too :)
    Thanks for the rep Jen, BTW Jamie (AKA Wolfman) bought that (racing) pink FZ6 (affectionately known as pinky) way back when but when repainted orange she was a beaut :thumbup:
    Thanks for the rep, Jen! I too hope we'll get to ride together one of these days!
    yeah, I usually get on between 7 to 8 MST. But if I see you "online" before Wed. night, maybe we can meet before then :)
    sorry I missed you in chat last night....when I popped in there was no one there, I waited till about 8:45 ish, then gave up. We'll meet up there, sooner than later I hope!
    That's what everyone called me when I lived back in Vegas. A warrior, I would ride down for these group rides and ride back home in the same day. Something like 7-800 miles.
    After your message, I'm sure we'll hit it off like old friends. See you on the 22nd!
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