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  • hmmm, your BD didn't "show up" on the home page. Sorry it was overlooked, but I hope you had a good one just the same.
    I love your avatar,reminds me of the sticker on the back of my mates bike...."if you value your life, as much as i value my bike, DONT F*** WITH IT! Lol!
    Why thank you sir! If the forum would have let me I'd have given one back at ya!
    Again, hope you have a wonderful day
    Thanks!! Not riding until spring. I 'could' be riding, but leg need smoe more strength and I'm not missing ridding in the cold, wet weather much! ;) We don't often get snow here in Victoria so we can pretty mcuh ride all year round as long as you have some good warm and water proof gear!
    Not bad mate,rode to work this week and the confidence is returning.Will take a while I guess,but all good so far.
    Thanks for the rep! Re the find, when you are looking at E-Bay International as often as me, good stuff is bound to turn up, and this stuff is top notch...absolutely exquisitely machined and finished. Cheers.
    Thanks for the rep! You'll be surprised what that little magnet on the drain plug picks up.
    Doing ok. Can't finish the mod becasue I don't even have the bike right now. Still over in Vancouver at the Insurance Assesment facility.
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