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  • Yoka, I don't recall the size of the lag bolts exactly.... I went into a hardware store and bought some for other farm related projects, and the ones I used for the headlight 'repair' were leftovers from that. Almost certainly 3/8" shaft, and probably around 2 1/2" long. Make sure you have big fender washers to spread the load from the head of the bolt.

    Start the bolts VERY gently..... don't over tighten them.... just snug them up so the housing doesn't flop around.
    thanks for the info.

    The exhaust i have in front of me now, ready to be installed. but i'll start with the juice box to see if there is any difference Without the exhaust.

    Good luck with more cash so you can upgrade :)
    My juicebox is under the seat. For the way I use it I wouldn't really see any advantage to have it mounted up outside of the bike. I'm kind of interested in selling mine at the moment too. I got it when I planned on getting aftermarket exhaust but I didn't have the $.
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