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  1. J

    My seat mod

    This is my seat mod...! iv made it from a Armrest cover from Ebay £3.50 free p/p (274318841184) slides over seat with elastic, it's a tight fit but goes on, this one is as it comes 3/4 inch foam and is very comfortable but my other one iv put the GEL seat insert inside 25*25*1cm £10 on Ebay...
  2. J

    R6 into FZ6 ?

    Hi people well went for a quick ride out today ...! i was going down this private road as you do (wink wink) 5th gear 125 mph when i saw the headlights of a bike behind then he passed me like i was doing 50mph so i tryed to catch or even keep up? my bike was FLAT OUT screeming its tits off 145...
  3. J

    4 pin relay

    Hi everyone, while i was having new tires fitted (both wheels of bike ) it fell on it left hand side NO DAMAGE done , whilst checking i noticed a relay had a top pice broken these are under the cover left sde, on partzilla electrical 2 its part 24 iv looked at the manual and its a 4 pin but no...