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    Some advice on changing cam chain tensioner

    Back again cluttering the forum with my random questions as I work on my bike. I'm pretty sure my cam chain tensioner is shot because the cam chain is very loud, doesn't sound pleasant, and I see it's pretty common. Just a lot of clicky clacking noise coming from that side in general. What is...
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    Naked converted FZ6, how could I go about getting low and high beam functionality?

    Okay here's the dilemma, put a ebay single headlight on my FZ6 because I crashed and broke the fairing. Obviously the fairing model has two headlight connectors, for the single H4 bulb in it now, I'm using the old highbeam connector, so in order for the light be on I need to leave the highbeam...
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    FZ6 Headlight Conversion Question(s)

    Looking for creative ideas for the right side (looking at bike head-on) mount, are people mostly taking the triple off and tapping that hole where the outline is? I'm not opposed to this but it's a decent amount of work so I wanted to see first. Anything else I can do that works? I mounted it...
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    2006 Yamaha FZ6 was lowered by previous owner, how to put back to stock or even make it a bit taller

    I am quite tall and the bike was lowered. What is the technique used to lower the rear suspension? I want to remove whatever it is. Am I likely to need an original part, or is the lowering link setup just an add-on that can be removed and put back to stock without buying some original part that...