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  1. UpInTheAir89

    Multiple mod questions

    This right here is the best thing to be said. I've modded the hell out of my bike at this point, and I understand that (riders being equal) I'd still probably be outperformed by a stock R6, but to me there's something nice in having something that's uniquely yours (or that you did work on). My...
  2. UpInTheAir89

    TCP Seat cowl bracket help

    Ill shoot you a PM!
  3. UpInTheAir89

    TCP Seat cowl bracket help

    Oh man, if you culd that'd be fantastic! Thanks! (or, if you never want to install it, I'd be happy to buy it off your hands as well.)
  4. UpInTheAir89

    TCP Seat cowl bracket help

    Hey all, So, about two years ago I ordered one of these replica seat cowls: Unfortunately, that ended up coming right around when my first FZ6 got crunched while parked outside. I never really...
  5. UpInTheAir89

    Looking for the unicorn: The PUIG Belly Pan

    You may have just started me down a dangerous path with the painting of the engine/frame (though, I might decide to do a ceramic coating instead, as I'm already going to do so for the exhaust). I'll need to find out if ceramic can get that nice glossy finish though... Then again, yours also...
  6. UpInTheAir89

    Looking for the unicorn: The PUIG Belly Pan

    That is one clean looking bike. Two questions: 1) how did you get that frame looking such a deep and shiny black? 2) where did you find your belly pan? That's actually the most attractive alternative I've seen, also, how's the build quality? Edit: also, which headlight/headlight kit is that?
  7. UpInTheAir89

    Looking for the unicorn: The PUIG Belly Pan

    I can still find them for sale at a few international locations, but for nothing less than $260 (after shipping). Figured I'd ask around here and see if I might get lucky with someone looking to part with one! I know there are others I could get, but nothing looks as good on the naked FZ6 to...
  8. UpInTheAir89

    FS: LSL Urban Headlight Kit

    Hey Benji, Back from a little hiatus again. I can't reply to your PM since your inbox is full, but I'd be good to throw down for the headlight ASAP if you've still got it!
  9. UpInTheAir89

    INNOVV K1 (front and back dash cam)

    Way late to the thread, but if this was something still being considered, you can count me as an interested party (I'm betting 12 might be a hard number to hit though).
  10. UpInTheAir89

    Big Part Out!

    Hey guys, sorry for the delay. I've been out of town and will be back in on Friday. I'll try and get the quote in while I'm here, but it might take a day or two.
  11. UpInTheAir89

    Big Part Out!

    Business first, explanation later. Things already packed and ready to ship: Aftermarket Two Brothers Carbon Slip-On w/ Arrow de-cat midpipe ($500) OEM exhaust: headers (polished), midpipe, muffler, heat shield ($150) Things that need to be packaged (can combine): OEM exhaust...
  12. UpInTheAir89

    I am not a smart man. What am I missing/What do I need?

    So, I sold my whole front fairing, and didn't realize that by selling the wiring harness attached to it I would also be down the piece that connects headlights AND the speedometer. I ordered the GSXR 750 K4 headlight to do the streetfighter + KMP fairing dealio. So here's what I have: That...
  13. UpInTheAir89

    R6 header mounting options

    The the build thread for what it looks like now: I swapped my headers for some R6 headers, and I'm more than happy with the results. What I'm worried about at the moment though is that the exhaust is...
  14. UpInTheAir89

    2009 Fz6 streetfighter conversion

    How did you mount the speedo on the bike? I'm thinking clamped to the handlebars via some contraption for mine, but I haven't figured out what yet.
  15. UpInTheAir89

    Brainstorming Time! What to do with the tail?

    The build thread: Here's where I'm at. The ideas I've had so far have been to: A) Trim down the existing tail something like this: or B) Find a different tail to put on there. Now...
  16. UpInTheAir89

    The Journey So Far and the Lessons Learned

    In the beginning there was this: My 2009 Yamaha FZ6, named Freyja (license will come, whenever the name frees up. :disapprove: I was smart enough to know doing everything at once was a bad idea... ...but I was also impatient and stubborn enough to do it anyway.) And here's where I am...
  17. UpInTheAir89

    BIG PART OUT: Prices and pictures added

  18. UpInTheAir89

    BIG PART OUT: Prices and pictures added

    Sorry bud, if I sell the brake pedal I'd have to sell both rearsets together. I plan on selling them when I pick up some different ones, but if you wanted to buy them I could strip them tonight.
  19. UpInTheAir89

    BIG PART OUT: Prices and pictures added

    Hey upshiftoverdrive, It says your inbox is full, so here's the extra pictures of the forks (freshly off the bike) and handlebars that you wanted to see. Clear out yo inbox!
  20. UpInTheAir89

    Performance Upgrades to 2008 FZ6

    Hey Tony, I know a lot of people will jump on the "just buy an R6" train, or "just spend money on a faster bike". I'm of the philosophy of do whatever you want to your bike as long as you're getting into it for the right reasons and know what you're getting into! I know my bike wont beat a...