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  1. pmmcanon

    Fuel pump replacement

    Hi there, I've been restoring my FZ S2 2008 and found the fuel pump is defective. I've tryed an R6 pump to check if this was the only issue and it works so the pump is death. I don't want to change all the assembly because it's too much expensive and all the remaining components work well (the...
  2. pmmcanon

    Advice on Fork rebuild (Golden Valve - oil - spring precomp)

    Hi guys, I'm planning to rebuild my fork as I'm doing a general restoration of my FZ s2 2008. I would like to hear your advice over the following topics: Racetech Golden Valve: Yes or No? Is it worth the money, or should I just replace the o-rings retainers? I'll go with Racetech/Ohlins linear...
  3. pmmcanon


    Just a few lines to congratulate you all for this fantastic forum about FZ's. I'm missing in Spain the quality and reliable info you've got here guys, so happy to land here and find correct answers to common (and not so common) problems. Sometimes it's hard to find in Spain the...
  4. pmmcanon

    Hello from Spain

    Hello all, Glad to find this community. First of all: Be patient with my English, I'm Spanish (nobody is perfect)... I own a 2008 Fazer S2 wich is currently under restoration. I'm an old frustrated ex-racer :cool: which has been several years without any contact with Motorbikes... but this kind...