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  1. meadeam

    Help with headlights

    I swapped out the cat's eyes lights and fairing for an 8" round LED setup. I knew I was losing Hi-Low functionality with this setup, and initially did not care. I don't ride much after dark. Now I have decided I would like the functionality after all. My headlight has a single three prong...
  2. meadeam

    Power Commander III Installation

    I recently purchased a PC III from a member here. Installation I am assuming is pretty straightforward. I'm looking for manuals on the internet. I don't have any mods right now, and will be running the Zero map for the time being. I've read mixed reviews that the Zero map smooths throttle...
  3. meadeam

    Selling 2007 FZ6

    I've decided to sell my Fazer. I'm getting a VStrom and don't have space or time for multiple bikes, so I have to sell a couple. It does have a salvage title due to a drop by the previous owner. I can provide all the details about repairs and whatnot to anyone interested. I'll be listing it...
  4. meadeam

    Fuel and/or oil additives

    I had an uncle years ago who was a Slick 50 rep, and he had a 1.3L engine from a Honda Civic on a trailer. He would start up the engine, and then drain the oil out of it and let it run for some period of time without oil to demonstrate how well it protected it was. It would overheat, then...
  5. meadeam

    Drag bar swap

    The stock bar has some mounting holes for the switch gear. I did not know this was the case, and neglected to do much research before taking the old bar off. My plan is to use a punch to mark the location, and drill the holes. I don't have a drill press so I will have to do it by hand with...
  6. meadeam

    bitubo shocks

    Making a new thread rather than hijack the Ohlins thread. I had never heard of these: They aren't much less money than Ohlins so I don't know if it is even worth...
  7. meadeam

    Clutch cable adjustment

    The barrel adjuster at the bar is turned almost all the way out. I don't like that there are only a few threads left and want to turn out the mid-cable adjuster. I can see the adjuster beside the airbox up against the frame, and I've read various methods of adjusting it by either removing the...
  8. meadeam

    Value of 2007 fairing and parts

    I did a quick, unscientific look at eBay completed listings and found: Headlight assembly: 170 - 265 Fairing: 200 Dash: 40 Fairing Stay: 93 My fairing has some rash and a 2" long crack, so I'd...
  9. meadeam

    belly pan

    Anybody ever come across an actual functioning belly pan for the FZ6? The ones most people have seem to be a cowl that is open at the bottom under the headers. I'm looking for one that would actually hold fluids such as what is required by racing organizations. (not planning to race my FZ6...
  10. meadeam

    Fan problems

    I noticed last summer (my first with this particular bike) that engine temp would get as high as 230F when in stop and go traffic. I seldom ride in those conditions, so I figured it was par for the course. Yesterday I flushed and filled my cooling system, and will waiting for the fan to kick...
  11. meadeam

    Paddock stands

    I am going to remove the center stand from my bike, but not before I have a set of paddock stands for my shop. If anybody has recommendations for some good quality stands that don't cost too much, let me know. There are some super cheap options out there with suspect quality. Just looking for...
  12. meadeam

    Putting money into an FZ6

    I've been laboring over the decision to buy a new bike, or to make a few changes to the FZ6. I think I've decided to keep the old girl and freshen 'er up a bit. My '07 has super low miles (starting this season with less then 6K on the clock) and runs and rides perfectly. Last season I replaced...
  13. meadeam

    power commander with stock exhaust and intake

    Seems as though people install a PC to take advantage of improved intake and exhaust flow. Does anyone here run a PC with the stock setup, and if so have you found it to be useful? Did you set it and forget it, or do you find yourself changing tunings occasionally?
  14. meadeam

    Functioning belly-pan

    Anybody have a fully-functional bellypan (will catch and hold a catastrophic failure) such as racing orgs require? I am perusing FZ6 bellypans but as far as I can tell most of them will not actually hold fluids without modification.
  15. meadeam

    plastic repair

    Anyone here ever attempted to repair cracked plasic on their bike? Previous owner dropped it and put a couple cracks in the upper fairing. Nothing serious, I could leave it and be just fine. But if it isn't a total PITA I might try repairing this winter. I have a small dent in the tank I may...
  16. meadeam

    '07 Red Fairings and/or windscreen WTB

    My red (faster) '07 was dropped by the previous owner and has some rash and a crack on the left side fairing. For some inexplicable reason the previous owner also painted the windscreen flat black, making it impenetrable to light. I'd like to replace these parts. I live in the...
  17. meadeam

    Throttle Response

    Apologies in advance if I am asking something everyone is tired of talking about... The 2007 FZ6 is new to me, is my first bike with an ECU and fuel injection. I did search the forum a bit regarding throttle response, and have learned some useful information, but thought I would selfishly start...
  18. meadeam

    suspension improvement and adjustment

    I've had my FZ6 for several weeks now, and have put it through it's paces in the twisties. I'm not an advanced rider, but I want more out of the suspension. The front end dives under breaking, and feels unstable in turns. It is very, very soft and springy. It may actually be low on oil; I'll...
  19. meadeam


    have we had luck with these? overpriced?
  20. meadeam

    07 charging problem?

    I'm new here, but already I have my first issue with the bike. Not how I wanted to start posting. My '07 has ~3800 miles on it, so not much use at all. I'm the third owner, the first barely broke it in, and the second rode it about 250 miles per year. It hadn't been ridden since last fall...