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  1. Gary in NJ

    My Bike is on

    I like things my way, and I've built a lot of cool things in my life including an airplane (an RV6), a few cars, a few houses...and of course motorcycles. For the last 10 years or so I've pretty much have stuck to motorcycles because they are my first love (been riding since I was 9) and they...
  2. Gary in NJ

    For those of us who love FZ6's...

    ...Happy Valentines Day. Warm weather is just around the corner.
  3. Gary in NJ

    Spent some money on the old girl

    I got some very good advice in my thread titled “New Bike Time?”, especially from Bigborer. Rather then spend $10k on a new bike I’ve decided to spend a fraction of that on complementary upgrades to the FZ6. Today I ordered an Öhlins STX46 (model YA403) shock. The shock has adjustable rebound...
  4. Gary in NJ

    Any Paint Experts

    I know this isn't FZ related...but there are some very smart people on this forum and I'd like to tap into the knowledge base here. I'm finishing a DRZ400 Street Tracker project. I had the bike ride-able for a few months but I had an extensive punch list to address. I'm literately bolting the...
  5. Gary in NJ

    Thumbs Up for Deltran (Battery Tender)

    Two years ago I purchased a Deltran Battery Tender LiFePo4 battery for a project bike. I completed the project in 2017 to the point of being able to ride the bike a few times, and then I put the project aside because there were a number of issues to resolve and I didn't have the time or money to...
  6. Gary in NJ

    Any Real World Experience with Ohlins?

    I've updated my forks with RaceTech springs and Gold Valve Emulators, and now I'm looking at my shock. For info, this bike will never be track ridden, it's a back-road only ridden bike. As we are all painfully aware, shock upgrades for the FZ6 are very limited. And some shocks that were...
  7. Gary in NJ

    New Bike Time?

    Two bits of info. First, I didn't seek out an FZ6, it found me. I helped a friend on my son (then high-school aged) purchase his first street bike. When he went in the Navy a few years later I bought it from him because he didn't know what to do with it when they deployed him. It sat in my...
  8. Gary in NJ

    Which One is Next?

    My goodness, the motorcycles that have been announced this week are simply stunning. I love lightweight bikes (just look at my signature) with 100% usable power, and this year there are so many excellent machines in the 400-900cc range. One will find it's way into my garage this spring. Just...
  9. Gary in NJ

    I Just Couldn't Take it Anymore

    With an expected 12-18 inches of snow due tomorrow, followed by a week of cold weather, I got out on my FZ today to take a late winter ride. I generally don't like to get out until the roads are cleared of the sand and salt at the intersections, but I figured if I didn't get out today (50...
  10. Gary in NJ

    Using Google Maps

    I'm trying to create interesting rides in Google maps and send them to my iPhone for later use. I have no problem stringing together a route. I then send to route to my iPhone. However when I open Google maps on my phone what I find is the individual destinations, but not the route. What am...
  11. Gary in NJ

    Ignition Switch - Not all equal

    My ignition switch has been wonky since I acquired the bike. The key had to be in just the right position and turned at just the right rate to get it to move. Three years ago I ordered a replacement switch from ebay but never found the time to install it. My bike is undergoing a naked conversion...
  12. Gary in NJ

    05 Front Fairing & Headlight Assembly - Complete

    I've just converted my FZ6 to a naked bike. I'm selling the complete fairing and headlight assembly. $300 plus shipping, firm. Payment via paypal. What's in the box: 1 Windshield 5VX-28381-31-00 1 2 Trim 5VX-28376-00-00 2 3 Screw, Round Head 90150-05023-00 5 4 Nut 90179-05523-00 5 5...
  13. Gary in NJ

    Going Naked

    I've owned an FZ6 for a few years now (it might be 4 years?). I bought it from a friend of my son to help him out. I've done some mods to it such as RaceTech Emulators in the forks, a Two Bros exhaust and a gel seat. But of the four bikes I own, this bike gets ridden very little - maybe 200...
  14. Gary in NJ

    '05 Seat

    After a few long days on the FZ, I now KNOW that I need a new saddle. I've looked for the Yamaha Comfort Seat for an '05, but so far no luck. Is the $400 Corbin my only option?
  15. Gary in NJ

    The bike I've never wanted

    About two years ago my son's best friend asked if I would help him find a first bike. I pointed him in the direction of the usual suspects (FZ6, SV650, EX650R) and he settled on an FZ6 not to far away. I went with him for the pre-purchase inspection, gave him my approval and rode the bike home...