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    front suspension oil viscosity

    Hi all, Being a while to post in the forum. So here is the deal. I have installed hyperpro suspension a while ago. as i learn the bike and did also lvl 1 and lvl 2 from california superbike school, i am pushing the bike harder. i will be doing lvl 3 next week. I did a track day a week ago and...
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    H4 LED lights question

    Hi, I am looking to buy LED bulbs for my bike. I need H4 bi bulbs. Seeing in ebay i see different rating of 35w 60w even 100w. What do i actually need for this or it doesn't matter ?
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    Yet another handlebar question

    Hi all, Few years ago i did a swap and put the FZ1 handlebar. Really liked it at start, but after doing some lessons from the California superbike school, i find it hard to get to the right position on the bike with this handlebars. Main reason is probably my weight (beer belly :P), doesn't...
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    GPR Ghost exaust

    Hi all. Finally made the move after 4 years owning the bike (2008 yamaha fz6 s2 abs) and purchased an exhaust for my baby. HOMOLOGATED SLIP-ON EXHAUST SYSTEM Ghost YAMAHA FZ6 600-FAZER S1-S2 2004/13 GHOST LINE ALL I will fit and dyno the bike tomorrow but i wanted to ask if anyone has an...
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    Suspension question

    Hi all, Dont know if this is the right section but here is my question. I have ordered and waiting for the hyperpro spring kit to put on my 2008 yamaha fz6 s2 Can i install later on the racetech cartridge emulators on this suspension ??? kind of confused. Dont know if its ok to install...
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    How do i hardened the front suspension

    Hi, i am trying to find a very cheap way to hardened my front suspension. is there any way like changing oil or something ??? def cant afford new suspension now
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    A small clip from my usual route on sundays

    Fz6 and CB600 on twisting roads - YouTube Sound was crap so i replaced it with music. Camera is a chinese one (called act35) got it from ebay
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    My new Handlebar and new tires

    So i decided to with the FZ1 bar. From the first moment i drove the bike with the new handlebar it just felt that this handlebar was meant for the fz6. Oh and i also fitted some new tires. The Dunlop Sposrtmax sportsmart. Here`s a review about them Dunlop Sportmax Sportsmart - Review -...
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    Simple fz1 bar question

    Ok my question is this. Will the fz1 bar fit with no mods needed to be done??? I mean. Will my stock mirrors handles and bar end fit??? Will i just need to swap it with the fz6 one??? If any mods needed pls tell me
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    Bike is Driving me nuts

    So a strange problem started like a week ago. While the bike was fine, it started having strange vibrations and rpm jumping up and down while accelerating and also when i was in the range of 1200-3000rpm and was trying to accelerate with any gear. The strange about it was that some times it was...
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    Damn i am in love with the bike

    Never thought i would be like this but. Every time i see a forum member posting a new thread about HAVING to sell his/her bike, my stomach gets crazy. Just the thought of getting forced (for any reason) to sell my FZ6 and stay with no bike makes me wanna cry. Just cant imagine my self anymore...
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    Ecu tampering???

    Hi, I have a friend that owns a dyno (Mustang dyno). I had a discussion with him and he told me that if we can connect to the ecu and make misc changes then he can tune my bike. Anyone with any experience with the stock ecu or where the fuse is to connect to it??? i just want to save money...
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    Misc HID Questions

    I have been looking to install an HID kit on my bike. Mine is the naked version so i will need a bi-xenon kit. 1. I have read that you need to disable the Auto Switch-On function on the bike so the lights don't come on when you start the bike. is it true?? If its not will the HID Kit last...
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    Help: Front brake lever adjustment

    Hi, kind of tough to explain as its not my native language but here is a try. I want to adjust the front brake lever to make the bike fully brake at roughly the half pull distance as it does now. I know that there is that lever with numbers from 1-5 on it. I have it on 5 but still want much...
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    Scariest trip ever had

    So yesterday went on a mountain trip with 25 more bikes (there where all type of bikes.). Checked the weather before we started and said that it was going to be a sunny day without clouds. So we started went up to the mountains, stopped at a church for a while and the continued our journey to a...
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    Handlebar opinion???

    OK, the bike is fixed but the handlebar is not completely straight. it doesn't cause any instability on the bike but i prefer to change it. Any recommendations on any better one that than the original? Heard of people putting the fz1 handlebar???
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    Seriously God was at my side last night

    So yesterday i went with some friends up in the mountains. When we where like 200 meters away from our stop, on a downhill, (was second from last person) an idiot just went wide on a big turn and forced me out of the road. Well i hit the siderails with around 140 KM/H :eek: , felled down and...
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    Bike some times turns of when pulling clutch

    Hi, So i went on vacations on the mountains with some friends (still there). Anyway after i filled the bike (huge mistake cause i still had more than half the tank) the bike started to act strange. 3 times until now the bike has turned off after i pulled the clutch:eek:.Not a good feeling...
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    Testing accelaration

    Some crappy video testing the acceleration on my stock fz6 Yamaha FZ6 acceleration - YouTube
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    My new Tailgate

    How do you thing about my new tailgate