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    Help with brake line routing setup

    Hello everyone, I recently bought a 2007 FZ6 (the one with the 2 4-piston non-floating calipers) and the previous owner had installed a Brembo Master cylinder 16 mm (but its not one of the aftermarket ones, I think it came stock on some other Yamaha- maybe an old r6 or something). Each brake...
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    Help with Changing the Ignition Cylinder/Switch

    Hello everyone, I recently bought a 2007 FZ6 and I purchased a seat lock kit because my seat lock was missing. This kit came with the seat lock, gas cap with new lock, and ignition cylinder (the whole unit) plus new keys. I installed the seat lock and gas cap no problem but I needed help on...
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    Help with R6 rear shock and forks that were installed on my FZ6 before I bought it

    Hello everyone, I recently bought a 2007 FZ6 and it has front forks from what I believe to be a 2003-2004 R6 (with the blue preload adjuster) [pics included] as well as a Penske gas/oil shock that was made for an R6 of that generation. Part of the inside storage compartment had to be cut up...
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    Help With Getting Clutch Cover back on after Clutch disk replacement. Cable Has no tension whatsoever (Issue is not the cable itself)

    Hello everyone, First Time posting here as this is the first time having such trouble working on my cars/bikes. I'm really desperate and helping me fix this would be greatly appreciated. I just picked up a 2007 FZ6 and needed to do a clutch job on it. Everything went fine until it came time...