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  1. Humperdinkel

    R.I.P Wolfman

    It is with great sadness that I post this, but today we lost a long time member & Aussie legend, our friend Wolfman after a short battle with an aggressive cancer. He is survived by his four awesome children. I will post details about the funeral in the coming days for those who are interested...
  2. Humperdinkel

    USAF Deployments....

    The 18 Aggressor Squadron have been deployed to RAAF Amberley Qld, Australia (my local base) for 3 weeks :cheer: :cheer: & all the usual crew/entourage are here with them.... Any of our members deployed ɹǝpun uʍop at the moment ??? We also get regular visits from Hickham AFB crews , anyone...
  3. Humperdinkel

    Good 'ol fashioned Chat night !!!

    Go on , give it a go !! You know you want to , introduce yourself & say G'day :thumbup: The button is right up there ^^^^ give it a go :D :D
  4. Humperdinkel

    Awesome wedding speech

    I attended my best friends wedding on the weekend & as part of his speech he surprised all (except Me & his Sister, we were in on it & she did the harmonies) by singing this beautiful song to his new bride , I just had to share it :D :D :rockon: :rockon: Hope you all enjoy it as much as I...
  5. Humperdinkel

    Happy Birthday Goop !!!

    AKA Bryan :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: Hope you have a ripper of a day mate & thay awesome family of your's spoil you rotten :thumbup: Fresh out of the oven just for you :BLAA: make sure you share some with Colin ;)
  6. Humperdinkel

    Happy Birthday !!!

    Geoff AKA Geoff :BLAA: :BLAA: & Red Rock Beetle AKA Zach :rockon: :rockon: Hope you both have absolutely amazing days :wav: :wav: :wav: :iconbeer:
  7. Humperdinkel

    Mrs Humpy has a mission !!

    As many of you know Kel & I started a life changing journey in weight loss back in November last year & we are kicking goal after goal :cheer: now Kel has set herself a HUGE challenge.... 356 metres & 1504 vertical stairs in a race to the top of Sydney's Centrepoint Tower :eek:... All in support...
  8. Humperdinkel

    Post your favorite Country song !!

    Largest selling music demographic in the world & we don't have a thread !!!! :eek: :eek: :eek: But we do now :) :rockon: I know he didn't write the song but man , Mr Rucker has a voice !!
  9. Humperdinkel

    It's May BOTM time !!!

    Here's the link May 2013 Bike Of The Month - FZ6-Forum Community Photo Gallery now GO !!!
  10. Humperdinkel

    Happy Birthday Brenno !!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! to my dear , sweet friend Lytehouse AKA Brenda :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: I know your going to have an AWESOME day because I said you will :D :D Take care mate !!! :rockon: :rockon: Cake is so yesterday & choccy is HEAPS better for you so here you go !!! :BLAA:
  11. Humperdinkel

    Prescott Bike Festival

    This was shared on a photography forum I am on & I wanna know..... WHO IS THIS :D :D :D :D :D [/url] Prescott Bike Festival 2013 by jj_glos, on Flickr[/IMG]
  12. Humperdinkel

    April BOTM is up & running !!

    Here is the link , so get posting peoples :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: Good news is , Lytehouse is OUT :eek: :BLAA: :BLAA: :BLAA:
  13. Humperdinkel

    March BOTM !!!

    I know its a week late :spank: :spank: :scared: but I haven't been here so better late than never they say :BLAA: Hope this works , its my first shot at it so lets see how it goes :thumbup: Get posting peoples :rockon: March 2013 BOTM - FZ6-Forum Community Photo Gallery
  14. Humperdinkel

    BOTM return

    That's right Ladies & Gentlemen we are going to give it a rebirth !!! :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: Rules are: 1. No photoshopping !!!! Picture must be as taken , this is a bike competition not a photoshop competition. 2. Must be at new photo (no repeats). 3. Member must be an active member...
  15. Humperdinkel

    Les Miserable

    Just saw one of the greatest & most epic movies of all time :thumbup:.................. One word sums its up BRILLIANT !!!! The casting was perfect , the cinematography was amazing & the music gets right inside you.... I have never seen the play before but absolutely mind blown but an...
  16. Humperdinkel

    Humpy's top performance mod !!!

    And it really is very very simple , its called a DIET !!! thats the answer to everything :D :BLAA: :BLAA: Some of you may know from Facebook that I am on a 12 week weight loss challenge & so far in nearly 6 weeks I'm somewhere around the 13 kilogram or 28 pounds lighter mark :rockon...
  17. Humperdinkel

    Bris Fizz camping !!!

    Im thinking about buying a swag , a hexi stove , some jiffy firelighters & hitting to open road.... Just simple short weekend camping trips on the bike , leave Friday arvo after work & get home Sunday arvo , finding a camp site somewhere & kicking out the swag & having a good 'ol campfire...
  18. Humperdinkel

    Happy birthday to...........

    YOU Nelly :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: AKA Neil to his mates , hope you have a wonderful day cobber & get spoilt rotten :rockon: :rockon: :rockon: Im off to sink a rum in your honour right now :iconbeer: And of course I just so happened to get my bake on for you too :D
  19. Humperdinkel

    Unknown (to me) brand of gloves..

    So what I ask is , has anybody ever heard of or used the brand Five ??? I need a new pair of sport/tourers & the guy was trying to flog them really hard , just dont wanna fork out $160 for CRAP !! :thumbup:
  20. Humperdinkel

    Happy Birthday........

    To my mate Adrian aka AGF :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: hope your having a fantastic day & not being flogged to the bone by the boss :thumbup: I got my bake on for you early this morning but it looks like the cats beat us to it :BLAA: