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  1. dschult2

    Grip Puppies - $15 shipped

    I have a set of used but in excellent condition Grip Puppies for sale. I had these on my FZ1 for about a month but just didn't like the feel of them, a little too thick for my tastes. But they were extremely comfortable and did cut down on the vibes a bit. They have been trimmed down to about...
  2. dschult2

    Fly 8th st. mesh jacket size lrg - $60 shipped

    I have a Fly Racing 8th st. mesh jacket for sale. Jacket is a size large and in like new condition, I even just had it washed! I had it for two seasons but it has always been a little too large for me, I'm really a size medium. So I figured it's time to get a jacket that actually fits. It...
  3. dschult2

    New bike!

    As some of you may or may not know I recently sold my FZ6 and bought an FZ1. I have not had time to post any photos as I have been busy riding her as much as possible before I have to put her away for the season. Not to detract from the 6 but I love this bike in every way more than my old one...
  4. dschult2

    Scorpion exhaust, Puig windscreen, Spencer seat and misc. parts

    Scorpion exhaust and misc. parts Sold the FZ6 and went back to stock so I'm selling my accessories. Everything in excellent condition. Prices include shipping to lower 48. Paypal preferred but will do a money order. Scorpion exhaust for 2004 - 06 FZ6. It may fit the 05-09 as well but am not...
  5. dschult2

    Upgrading to FZ1 but a couple of questions first

    O.k. I know this is an FZ6 forum but you guys are so damn smart and have helped me out a lot in the past I thought I would ask you first before I posted on your sister site. Besides I know a lot of you have also upgraded to the FZ1. As it states in the title I am going to sell my FZ6 and will...
  6. dschult2

    Anybody getting a Fantasy Football together?

    As the title title states anybody starting one on this site. I was in one on here last year and would like to do it again. I would prefer not to be commish but can do it if need be. I was thinking standard scoring, yahoo, 8 or 10 man league for $20 a person. Anybody interested?
  7. dschult2

    Tail of the Dragon again or someplace new? Thinking West Virginia

    It's early but I've started to plan my motorcycle trip for next year already. Did Tail of the Dragon and surrounding roads last year. No motorcycle trip for me this year as I am taking the Family back to Tennessee. But I will definitely be going someplace next year. While I loved the Tail and...
  8. dschult2

    Should I still change my oil now or just wait?

    Normally I like to change the oil in my bike before I put it away for the winter. Normally I will take it for a quick ride to fill the tank and then change the oil when I get back after it is nice and warm and had a chance to run through the motor. Well this year winter kinda snuck up on me...
  9. dschult2

    Tail of the Dragon 8/25 - 8/28

    Finally took my dream trip to the Tail of the Dragon and adjacent roads! This has been a dream of mine ever since I got my FZ6 and the trip did not disappoint!:rockon: We stayed in Gatlinburg which was a bit of a disappointment for me(too touristy, and to be honest the people were kinda...
  10. dschult2

    M22 Leelanau Peninsula/Traverse City

    Finally did M22 around the Leelanau Peninsula and Traverse City, MI the weekend of July 19th. I have been wanting to do this ride ever since I got my first bike and it did not disappoint! I took off with a buddy from my families cottage in the Baldwin area on Saturday morning and took M37...
  11. dschult2

    New tire time - PR 2's or 4's

    It's time for me to get a new set of tires and I have it narrowed down to either the Michelin Pilot Road 2 or 4. I can get a set of PR2's for about $60 less than the 4's. I rarely ride in the rain. I think I am leaning toward the 2's but any advise or opinion would be appreciated. Are the...
  12. dschult2

    Bar end adapter

    So I plan on picking up a set of Driven D-Axis grips. Driven Racing D-Axis Grips - RevZilla I would like to get the bar ends to match. Driven Racing D-Axis Bar End Weights - RevZilla But what from what I can tell my FZ1 bars are for a screw in type bar end and these won't be a direct...
  13. dschult2

    up and back bar risers

    I thought I would try some up and back bar risers to see if it would help with hand numbness but not sure if I want to spend a lot if I don't like them so thought I would see if any forum members had some lying about that they would like to sell. Let me know if you have anything. I can get a...
  14. dschult2

    Fork oil weight?

    O.k. I've tried searching for it and I can't find it. I am planning on changing my fork oil soon and am trying to find out the proper weight for me. I weigh 170lbs with my gear. What weight oil should I use, 10 or 15 or something else. Also where is the best place to purchase, from the...
  15. dschult2

    For those that workout, what's your routine?

    Lookin' to gain a couple horsepower for the FZ this summer so I started working out again. Mostly chin ups, pull ups, and sit ups, along with eating right (no more fast food, pizza or sweets). Sometimes hitting the heavy bag until the snow's gone and I can start running again. Had to stop...
  16. dschult2

    Low price on FZ-09 $7495 OTD

    Saw this on ebay as I was browsing around and thought I would throw it out there if anybody in the West Virginia area is looking for an FZ-09. This is the lowest price I have seen one at yet. If I had the funds I'd buy one in a heartbeat...
  17. dschult2

    Looking for an opinion on brake/clutch levers

    I'm looking to get new brake/clutch levers for the FZ6 and I have it narrowed down to two. The 7 click adjustable from The2Wheels and the FP Racing Sport lever from Motomummy. The ones from The2Wheels appeal to me because of the price but the FP's appeal to me because the workmanship seems...
  18. dschult2

    Great review on the FZ-09

    Here is a long but what I think is an excellent review on the FZ-09. When he has it in "A" mode it looks like it seriously wants to wheelie! This will defiantly be my next bike! 2014 Yamaha FZ-09 Full Review and V-Log - YouTube
  19. dschult2

    This anybody here?

    Came across this while web browsing and thought good riding (Except for about the 8:40 mark where he drifts into the other lane and a car comes shortly after that, but otherwise good). Didn't know if it was anybody from this forum. Tail Of The Dragon on my FZ6 - YouTube
  20. dschult2

    Goin to the Tail

    Guys, I am in the process of planning a trip to the Tail of the Dragon next year. I can't wait. I am planning on trailering my bike down there, staying in Gatlinburg, and riding for a few days before returning home. My question is for those that have been before. Looking for recommendations...