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  1. Motogiro

    Happy Birthday aussiejules!

    Happy Birthday aussiejules! Mucho love to you and Debs from Lisa and I!
  2. Motogiro

    Happy Birthday Humperdinkel!

    Happy Birthday Daniel!
  3. Motogiro

    Happy Birthday pizza_pablo!

    Happy Birthday pizza_pablo! A little late but ..... :)
  4. Motogiro

    Happy New Year All!

    Now that we're all in the same,"Space Time Continuum" HAPPY NEW YEAR!
  5. Motogiro

    Happy New Year!

    My Aussie brothers and sisters! Oi Oi Oi sound on....
  6. Motogiro

    Happy Birthday Cloggy!

    Happy Birthday Cloggy! Have a great day Martin!
  7. Motogiro

    Happy Birthday codeblue!

    Happy Birthday codeblue! I learned we only ever have one birthday. All the other days we call birthdays are celebrations of our birthday.... :p:)
  8. Motogiro

    Man! Hope you're all Safe!

    Saw this today. I mean don't you mates have enough stuff that can kill you real fast? Now hail that goes right through your roof and ceiling! Oi Oi Ouch! Oi!
  9. Motogiro

    Happy Birthday Hellgate!

    Happy Birthday Pete!
  10. Motogiro

    Happy Birthday Chemiker and jblk9605!

    Happy Birthday Chemiker and jblk9605!
  11. Motogiro

    Happy Birthday Nelly!

    Happy Birthday Neil!
  12. Motogiro

    Happy Birthday agf!

    Happy Birthday Ade!
  13. Motogiro

    Alert Site Support

    If you notice, On our Home page there is a column to the right------>>>>> Most all of the technical support here is from our collective member experience and from members who have professional experience in related fields that relate to motorcycling. These people don't get anything for support...
  14. Motogiro

    Happy Birthday aussiejules!

    Happy Birthday Jules!
  15. Motogiro

    Humor for tough times

    This my brother. We nicknamed him Spanky years ago and I almost never call him by his given name (John). This is his Corona virus filter. It's a Corona cigar (Probably really a Cohiba) Theory is that you breath through the cigar and the virus cannot survive the hot ash on the end.... Hope...
  16. Motogiro

    Great GranDaddy of the Goldwing?

  17. Motogiro

    Happy Birthday motojoe122!

    Happy Birthday Joe!
  18. Motogiro

    Forum software donation drive.

    I don't normally ask and I don't get a dime from this but here's how I think about the forum and it's members from Dennis (Admin and founder) to every member here. Over the years social activity has waned mostly do to the FZ6 not being produced by Yamaha anymore but Dennis has kept this...
  19. Motogiro

    Happy Birthday Hoshiko!

    Happy Birthday Hoshiko! Make sure to keep that chain lubed after those waves! :D
  20. Motogiro

    Happy Birthday Martin! (Cloggy)

    Happy Birthday Martin!