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  1. degake

    FZ6-N: Morimoto Mini D2S retrofit

    One of the things that bothers me the most about the naked FZ6, is the poor lighting of the FZ6-N headlight. Some people on the forum have put a plug and play HID replacement bulb into their headlight, which does give a much improved lighting. However, with this sort of HID replacement...
  2. degake

    [Q] What tires to put on my car??

    Hi all, The winter will be coming to its end sooner or later, so it's time I buy some new tires (or "tyres" for those across the globe ;)). My current rims will be used as dedicated winter wheels and I've bought some new shiny rims as well :cheer: The new rims take tires in 235/40 r19...