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    HEL SS Installation Questions

    Hey All! It's been a while! I was just able to finish my R6 fork conversion but one of the 2 of the caliper was not coming off (the bolts were siezed). I literally tried everything, in the end, I even tried drilling a hole straight through them, no dice. I ordered a used caliper from ebay and...
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    selling some stock items

    just moved into a new (smaller) place and don't have much room for my extra motorcycle 'goodies'. Make an offer, you pay shipping. Some rashes on the handles, shown in picture Windshields and rear fender (thingy) should be 10/10...
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    Do I pay for an inspection after (minor?) accident?

    Hey all, I got into a fender bender (I hit him from the back). I'm fine, they're fine, and I'm pretty sure my bike is fine. After insurance and all that, I'm thinking of bringing in my bike for an inspection to make sure everything is ok. The back tire slid out and hit they're fender so the only...
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    trailering fz6 question

    Hey guys, i leave tomorrow morning to Atlanta from South Florida. A friend was nice enough to lend me their utility trailer with two choke thingys. Pretty sure it does not have shock absorbers so ill be having a heart attack the whole drive up. Anyway, there is a choke on each side of the...
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    WTB: Upper Fairing (07+), Mirrors, Possibly gas tank

    Went down, I'm fine, light scratches on my body but my bike has looked better.
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    Innovv k1 review

    INNOVV K1 Motorcycle edition- Innovv motorcycle camera | motorcycle dashcam | motorcycle dvr What comes in the box: 2 cameras (protective lenses), the DVR (battery included), Power converter, 3m tape, micro SD to USB reader, a splitter for GPS/record button, GPS locator, on/off record button...
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    WTB: either control switches

    damages is fine, as long as it has the part attached below (WITH the knob that's supposed to be sticking out a bit in the center of the plastic), which is all i really need. Thanks!
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    INNOVV K1 (front and back dash cam)

    Hey guys, I've been eyeing this dash cam for a while now but it's a bit out of my price range. It's originally 265$. I emailed them about a group rate and this is what I got back "You can set up 6 sets at price of $230 for each , or 12 sets at $200 for each. It is free express shipping." Anyone...
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    Tank rust?

    Does this mean there is more rust inside the tank? Also what do I do about this? Thanks guys! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Projector question

    I am looking at the H1 stageIII projector kit. I've found lots of guides and recommendations on this site. My question is about the shroud of the projectors. I am not sure if the mini turbine shroud will fit well within the headlight housing. if anyone has any experience with this, i am looking...
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    Please help identify part

    I'm installing the Bd43 headlight mod and while trying to put the rubber piece located beneath the battery back together which I failed to do, this little guy popped up and I can't figure out where to put him back to! I'll try again tomorrow but if anyone has some advice I'd appreciate it...
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    Flasher relay

    I installed the pod lights on my 2007. Already soldered everything but the fast blinking is becoming more and more annoying. My question is, do I just need 1 flash relay to rectify the problem? Also, on the 2007 model, where would I go about replacing/installing it? Sent from my iPhone using...
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    PCV tuned but looks like too rich

    So i bought a PCV and had a guy dynotune it. It runs so much nicer, it loves to be opened up! i have a akrapovic slip on the only main mod. Only problem is my fuel economy dropped about 10mpg+. now i know the fuel economy may decrease but that seems like a pretty steep trade off. Also to...
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    Lowered bike, need new kickstand

    So I had my mechanic install the Power commander 5 and while it was in the shop I decided to buy the lowering link and have him install it. Looking back I probably should have just shaved my seat but it is really nice to be able to flat foot the ground with ease. Anyway, now my bike stands up...
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    Bellypan/Lower Cowl

    I'm looking for a black or blue (preferred blue) bellypan for an affordable price. Must fit a 2007. Thanks!! Also a PCV model # 22-014.