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  1. bd43

    2015 MBOM Winners

    January 2015 M.B.O.M. - winner - Jblk9695
  2. bd43

    Are you a Fatty?

    Well, no surprise that it's winter here in Canada or at least where my igloo is located. The bikes have been parked since the end of October as snow seems to come a little earlier every year. Our winters seem to last 6 months, so what to do to kill the time away? Get a fat bike of course...
  3. bd43

    First ever touring trip

    First time ever, I just completed a 4000km, 8 day tour, and glad I bought the K13S to do it on. Before I get into the trip itself, I just want to comment on how well the bike performed on the trip. The bike barely used any oil, rode smooth through heat and rain, hard cases worked well and I...
  4. bd43

    Environment Week

    It's environment week here this week. What are you doing to reduce your footprint? Ride your motorcycle of course! Duh. Anyway, here is a video they showed us at our town hall meeting to get us going... Follow the Frog Blah
  5. bd43

    Hope you got out to see your mother...

    Hey, mother's day on the weekend, hope you popped by for a visit. I know I did. World's Toughest Job
  6. bd43

    Why I love living in Alberta

    Despite the two seasons, winter and summer, lots of snow in the winter, tempered days of summer, always too cold and sometimes hot, here I am... remember to breathe
  7. bd43

    Grip Buddies

    After 5 years of using the Grip Puppies, they finally decided to tear apart after all that usage. Instead of getting new Grip Puppies, I decided to try the Grip Buddies, or in some circles, the Beemer Buddies, Super Shark Skins which are constructed of neoprene. They arrived in the mail...
  8. bd43

    Past MBOM Winners

    Thread Voting has been closed & the winner is....................................................................................... Pulsar2 :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: Congratulations on a fantastic image :rockon: :rockon:
  9. bd43

    2014 MBOM Winners

    January 2014 M.B.O.M - winner - Cloggy
  10. bd43

    Garage Mat

    This arrived in the mail tonight..., what do you think? I was getting tired of washers falling off and bouncing along the floor. It's so hard to see stuff on this floor.
  11. bd43

    Ottimoto Revisited

    Over two years ago I installed the Ottimoto rear sets and pointed out a couple of deficiencies that I said I would look at as a winter project. I put if off for two years and it would have been longer if I hadn’t lost the freakin’ rubber stopper this past summer, P/N: 4GL-27114-00-00, and...
  12. bd43

    Ride for Dad 2013

    I skipped last year because I thought it was going to rain, I'm a fair weather rider, but this year it looked good until ... it "rained" :eek: We were off the bikes at the time in a small town called Mundare. Oh well, the bike needed a good cleaning anyway. YouTube - Ride For Dad...
  13. bd43

    The Sound of Summer

    The sun’s out, temperature has been above freezing this past week and a bit, causing quite the snow melt down. I took the snow thrower out and ran it to drain the carb dry and gave it a good wash down in preparation for a well deserved sleep. This temperamental biatch served me well this past...
  14. bd43

    Edmonton 2013 Motorcycle Show

    Up here in the great white north, it’s that time of year again. It’s currently -15°C outside, roads are snow and ice covered spattered with salt and gravel, sun rising after 8AM and setting at 4PM, and I’ve been off the bike since late October last year. Call this my defibrillator, this...
  15. bd43

    Sentimental Journey

    We were fortunate to have this beautifully restored B-17 named Sentimental Journey from the AZCAF pop in for a 4 day stop in our city recently. The two days that I stopped in to take pictures, when it was on the tarmac for people to take the tour and then on departure day, both crappy days with...
  16. bd43

    Cat vs Helicopter

    You go girl..... Cat VS. Helicopter - YouTube
  17. bd43

    Motorcycle Show 2012

    Yup, went again, and what really burns is the parking is $12, show is $13. It cost almost as much to park as it does to get in. WTF! Anyway, a little disappointed in the manufacturer turnout. The big players were there, but the little guys were a no show. I didn’t see a lot of custom stuff...
  18. bd43

    R1 Bling

    Motorcycle show is in town for the weekend and of course had to go. :eek: wow, saw this work of art and couldn't believe the CNC work on this bad boy. Enjoy...
  19. bd43

    Office Toys

    Surely someone has something cool sitting in their office just waiting for a visitor to play with... One of my co-workers got carried away, and..... Office Toys - Newton's Cradle Gone Bad - YouTube
  20. bd43

    H4 Headlight Bulb vs 9003

    I ran in to a dilemma tonight and I thought this was a little bit of useless information I'd pass on for anyone who can't sleep tonight. Earlier this evening, one of the headlights on our Vibe (cage) went out again. It seems a bulb goes out in it in under a year. So I go into my toolbox of...