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  1. Monica A

    Need route help please

    I'm planning a ride in a couple weeks. A couple of you mentioned a road off of Highway 36 and/or Highway 299 in Northern California and I was wondering what the name of the road was. I'm thinking of heading from Happy Camp to Willow Creek on Highway 299. I'd like to cut down to HIghway 36...
  2. Monica A

    Girls Weekend

    I did it! I got away with a lady rider friend for the weekend. We left Reno early Saturday morning (7:30am) and headed North into California. We took Highway 70 to Quincy. We saw some smoke from a fire near there, but not bad. Then we took highway 89 to Lake Almanor. It had a lot of...
  3. Monica A

    Downieville Ride

    Finally got to go for a ride with a friend of mine who bought the same bike as mine and her new boyfriend. We rode from Reno. NV to Downieville, CA via I-80 to Highway 89 to Highway 49. This harsh winter did the road no favors. The canyon area still had snow on the shady side of the...
  4. Monica A

    A little eye candy for my fellow riders

    My friend with the Suzuki Gamma went for a ride with us. He sold his Yamaha RM1, luckily after he let me ride it :cheer: This is his "other" bike. You like it?
  5. Monica A

    Ride report to Death Valley, well almost

    A Triumph, a Honda, and a Kawasaki went on a three day ride. Guess which one returned alive? The Triumph, of course. Day One was great! Temps were cool, but not bad. Rode one of our favorite road on the way out of town - Geiger Grade to Virginia City. We did a roundabout way South...
  6. Monica A

    Cota 2017

    I bought tickets for COTA today!! Yippee!!! My bucket list to see Moto 2, Moto 3, and MotoGP. Valentino will be waiting for me..... We watched MotoGP at Laguna Seca twice, but Moto 2 & 3 don't race there :disapprove:, so I am excited to see them finally. We will be attending qualifying on...
  7. Monica A

    Best Three-day weekend

    It was Labor Day weekend in the US this weekend. No work Monday!! YES!! I got a lot of work done around the house, but I got to get out and ride too. I am hosting a Bridal Shower for 30+ women at my house in two weeks. Our daughter is getting married in October. Lots of yard work which...
  8. Monica A

    Long Way Round 2

    We head out in 2 days and I can't wait!!!! This is the route we plan to take (darn Google Maps won't let me do the entire route on one map, grrr....) http:// http:// Just over 2800 miles in 8 days. My hubby let me plan the...
  9. Monica A

    Gotta ride with VegasRider today

    Kenny and I met up on a group ride today. It was fun. Perfect weather. Kenny was on his Duc. He even let my hubby ride it. How did you like his VFR800? Up and over Geiger Grade and then down the truck route. In to Carson City on Highway 50. Then to Markleeville and up and over...
  10. Monica A

    Winter Rant aka Is winter over yet?

    OK - I woke up to 6 inches of snow. When I went to sleep, there wasn't a single fleck of snow on the ground. IIt hasn't stopped snowing all day. I'm done with this winter already!:spank: I want to ride and I want to ride now. NDOT had just finished cleaning up all the sand from the last...
  11. Monica A

    new Yamaha Test Ride

    A riding buddy of mine has a 2015 Yamaha R1M (#22 out of 500 in the world). This is my friend that has the Gamma 2 stroke you were all drooling over awhile back. This summer he offered to let me ride it. I chickened out. He wanted to ride my Street Triple R. After I got home that day I...
  12. Monica A

    Not my shame. but I'll share

    So yesterday, Hubby & I decided to play hooky from work. (I fibbed I had a medical appt - bad idea) It was our baby's 20th birthday. He doesn't have class on Friday this semester, so we decided to invite him along for a birthday ride. We were about 5 miles into the twisties. This is my son's...
  13. Monica A

    Oregon or Bust 2 ride report

    So we did it. 4 days, 1411 miles. It was exhausting, but we had a blast! Found some good roads. Unfortunately, it seems like in Oregon you have to pay a penance of long boring roads to get to the good roads, but it is worth it when you get there. Here goes... We left Reno Thursday...
  14. Monica A

    Southern Oregon ride need route suggestions

    So, the hubby and I are riding from Reno, NV to Crater Lake area July 16-19. We want to ride around Crater Lake and then some nice twisties. We are thinking of spending first night at Klamath Falls. We already rode 139 from Susanville to Klamath Falls. We are looking for a different route...
  15. Monica A

    Oregon or Bust ride

    Ladies, can you feel my pain? This past 3day weekend (Memorial Day) I went for a ride with my hubby and 6 other men. I turned into their mommies. Can you zip my vents, can you unzip my vents, can you help me on with my rain jacket, can you help me get off my rain jacket. :D Believe it or...
  16. Monica A

    Happy Mother's Day

    I hope all you lady riders had a nice Mother's Day. I had a nice day. I got to spend time with my son (a record 3 hours before he left for University - he's in the middle of finals week) and my mom. Hubby made us all lunch (my dad isn't well enough to do a restaurant these days). After...
  17. Monica A

    New eye candy for y'all

    Last night hubby and I went to our friends house (whom we ride with frequently) to watch The Fight. (Mayweather vs. Pacquaio). He casually invited into his garage to see something. And man was it something (this is my same friend who has the two stroke Suzuki Gamma) #28 out of 500 2015...
  18. Monica A

    International Female Ride 2015

    Hello Ladies, Tomorrow, May 2, is International Female Day (which I think is every day!).:cheer: I'm wondering who else is riding tomorrow? Post pictures of your ride here. I will be.
  19. Monica A

    Thunderfill track day

    Saturday hubby and I went to Thunderhill raceway in Willows, CA for our first full track day. I had to post up these awesome pics they got of me. We had 3 goals for the day. 1. Hubby wanted to drag knee 2. I wanted to get half a cheek off the seat 3. All come home safe & sound We...
  20. Monica A

    Two New bikes in the Garage - tomorrow

    My new 2014 Triumph Street Triple R arrived today. They got it out of the crate today. I went by the dealership this afternoon to see it. I'll go pick it up after school tomorrow. My son is going to pick me up from work and drop me off at the dealer so I can drive it home.:cheer: He's...