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  1. trepetti

    Metzler M7RR rear with HUGE bubble!!!!

    I was just about to go for a ride and was T-Clocking before I mounted and look what I found! Haven't ridden in a week, and the last ride was short and uneventful. These have less than 3,000 miles on them. The scuff mark is from where it rubbed against the rear hugger when I rotated the...
  2. trepetti

    Need Help Need some advice - current limiting resistors for directionals?

    I am cleaning up the wiring on my FZ and I am having trouble figuring out if I need any current limiting on my LED. Attached is a drawing of my directional / pod light wiring. My directionals are Watsens, and are currently wired in with a 10 ohm 1/2w resistor in series with the anode. The...
  3. trepetti

    Need suggestion for low profile front directionals - non naked

    As the title suggests, I want to find a reliable, good looking set of LED front directions for my repainted 05 FZ6. Background - after an on-ramp diesel fuel induced low side last June (thanks Shortline Bus diver) I have been putting both bike and rider back together again. I already had...
  4. trepetti

    Somebody PLEASE talk me out of this.....

    So I am sitting here, nursing my surgical shoulder repair, and I am thinking about the Spring, where I will reassemble my beloved 05 FZ6, and I got this idea that I need to upgrade my rear suspension. I installed R6 front forks 2 years ago and they made an incredible difference in the...
  5. trepetti

    Who was on the George Washington Bridge 9/11 around 11:15am?

    Was coming home from an appointment in the city when an FZ6 went past me as I was approaching the bridge. Could not see the plate so don't know what state you were from. Anyone from the forum?
  6. trepetti

    WTB - Calling all Naked Owners, I need an S1 fairing stay

    Some f you know that I am replacing front end parts thanks to a diesel fuel induced low side. When I placed the OEM parts order with Partzilla, the fairing stay was to ship July 25. They just updated the order with an Aug 20 ship date for the stay. I will be chucking the stay in the vise...
  7. trepetti

    Might be getting another FZ6!

    ....because the insurance company might total my 05 :-( Long story short.... Went out for my morning ride at 07:00 last Friday. It all starts with a marvelous on-ramp about a mile from the house. On my way, I see there is a commuter bus ahead of me, and he will be taking the same ramp. I...
  8. trepetti

    Spencer seat mod

    I am considering having Spencer mod my OEM seat. I
  9. trepetti

    HELP!!! - with my timing chain

    This has always been the bane of my existence. I did my valve check today (no adjustments needed) and for the life of me, i cannot the timing chain installed correctly. I did not remove the cams. Can someone please give me the start to finish steps to get the timing lined up correctly...
  10. trepetti

    EBC FA199HH front pads for S1

    Brand new, not needed since my R6 fork swap. $50.00 shipped to the lower 48.
  11. trepetti

    05 S1 Swingarm, Racetech springs, SSR spring preload fork caps for sale

    My last 2 mods were R6 forks and an S2 swingarm, so I have some parts I won't be needing. 1 - S1 swingarm, $100. Includes front pivot, wheel axle, rubber chain guide, adjusters and end caps. Normal wear and tear, with the exception of small scratched area on top left (sprocket side)...
  12. trepetti

    Anyone using gasket paper?

    I am getting pretty tired of the price and wait for Yamaha gaskets. Nothing critical like fead gasket or valve cover, but things like timing cover. I have heard of some general successes with using gasket paper in low pressure applications, but as usual I am reaching out to the FZ6 collective...
  13. trepetti

    Anyone interested in a Helite air-bag vest? Possible group buy.

    I have been thinking about a Helite vest for some time now, and [i think I am getting a little closed to purchasing one. I was surfing the site this afternoon while I was waiting for the paint on my new swingarm to dry (thanks I JET) and I see they offer a 25% discount on the purchase of 8 or...
  14. trepetti

    Changing the clutch, do I really need to drain oil and coolant?

    Parts will be in next week (@townsendsfjr1300, I went OEM!) and although the manual says to drain the oil, the clutch is so far above the sump that I find it hard to believe it needs to be drained. And on the sidestand the clutch is even more uphill. Anyone done this without draining the oil...
  15. trepetti

    Anyone using EBC SRK clutch?

    Its getting near clutch time for my 60k mile 05, and I am considering an EBC SRK kit. Unfortunately I am getting conflicting info from the all wise internet. I have seen some posts that say you cannot use synthetic oil. Nothing on the official EBC website , and no one is answering my emails...
  16. trepetti

    S2 swingarm color

    I am replacing the silver swingarm on my 05. The new swingarm needs painting and I want to get close to the R6 forks already installed. Has anyone done anything similar? The R6 forks have a grainy texture, so I know I can't match them exactly, but i am looking for something complementary. Any...
  17. trepetti

    closed throttle fuel cut - fact or fiction?

    Years ago I drilled the stock exhaust on my 05. After that it began to burble on decel. Lived with it for a while, kinda liked it. But now its time to go. I have a PCFC installed so easy fix. Added about 15% addl fuel at 0% throttle from 2500 rpm to 14000 rpm. Extra fuel lowers the exhaust...
  18. trepetti

    Make or buy 2005 decat pipe

    Looking to decat and put in a bung for an O2 sensor. Best as I can tell it is nearly impossible to get new for an 05. Trying to find a muffler shop that can do the job. Also thought about getting an S2 pipe as a start point and see if it can be modded to fit. Any ideas / pointers /...
  19. trepetti

    Sprag clutch problem?

    Started up for my morning ride today uneventfully. Met my buddy for coffee, went to start up and starter motor spins freely without the sprag clutch engaging. Bump started the bike and rode another 90 minutes or so. Got home, shut down, hit the starter, bike started right up. Three times...
  20. trepetti

    What cover do you use?

    I am about to replace my second Dowco Weatherall Plus cover because the weatherproofing tape failed. Not sure if they will replace the second one under the lifetime warranty, but even if they offer, I want to see what the FZ6 community at large uses as an outdoor cover. I have heard good...