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    Throttle body sync lines

    Can someone confirm I've got the order correct for the sync hoses? With the tank lifted I see 4 lines, 2 lines pointing back just below & on each side of the airbox. One line is noticeably shorter for each pair. Is the left pair short hose #1, long hose #2 & the right pair short hose #3, long...
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    At what point is a fuel controller required?

    I don't want to hear about all the benefits of a fuel controller...I know they can be tuned even for bone stock to give a better ride but I want to know when certain changes will fuel manipulation mandatory. My son has an 06 with the only mod being Delkevic slipons. He's planning to replace...
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    Mt-090 male spade for low beam headlight mod

    I picked up a couple of these for my sons bike. I've got 3 spare if anybody wants one. They're crimped to about 15" of 18 guage wire.
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    What type fuse?

    Ok, I know we don't use the far right but which one does our bike use?
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    Question Ignition switch security bolt size

    I'm getting ready to install the single headlight on my sons bike. Anticipating having to remove the ignition to drill/tap the triple clamp. Can someone confirm the bolts are 6mm, about 30-35mm length? EDIT: found's an 8x1.25 bolt, probably around 20-25mm length.