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  1. Goop

    MCN Fantasy League 2016! Join up!

    Wanna play some fantasy league? Why yes, you do! It's tradition! This year it's MotoGP, WSBK and BSB once again. To sign up: MCN Fantasy Road Race 2016 There is a mini league for the FZ6/600 Riders forum members (FZ6 Forum Legends) to compete with each other. The site has changed a lot so...
  2. Goop

    MCN Fantasy Road Race 2015 - Join now!

    2015 MCN Fantasy League is now up and running. This year BSB & WSBK riders are back! To sign up: MCN Fantasy Road Race 2015 There is a private league for the FZ6 forum members (FZ6 Legends) to compete with each other. After selecting your riders, it will give you an option to join an...
  3. Goop

    Aug 16 - So Cal "Border Patrol" Ride

    A group of us So Cal Hoons are getting together for a little hooliganism on Saturday, August 16! We'll be riding one of our favorite routes that we call "Border Patrol". The route takes us within a few hundred yards of the US-Mexico border, then up into the higher elevations of Mount Laguna...
  4. Goop

    CHP Drops Lane-Splitting Guidelines from Website

    The California Highway Patrol has removed its guidelines for lane-splitting in the Golden State on the CHP website, after receiving a complaint from a Sacramento citizen. CHP Drops Lane-Splitting Guidelines from Website
  5. Goop

    FZ-07 coming to US

    689cc parallel twin, naked, 74 HP, 58 MPG MSRP of $6,990, and will be available in July of this year Don’t Call It the MT-07, Yamaha FZ-07 Coming to the USA
  6. Goop

    The Brake Light Initiative - A treatise on bike control

    Another great Nick Ienatsch article this month in Cycle World about braking for performance and safety. I plan on implementing this. :) The Brake Light Initiative - A treatise on bike control, from the author of The Pace
  7. Goop

    IOMTT: Makes you sweat watching this

    William Dunlop chases Ian Hutchinson during practice run
  8. Goop

    Marco Simoncelli posthumously inducted into MotoGP Legends Hall of Fame

    #ThisIsForSIC58 :rockon: Marco Simoncelli - MotoGP™ Legend Italian rider Marco Simoncelli was posthumously inducted into the Hall of Fame as a MotoGP™ Legend on Friday at the Gran Premio d'Italia TIM. The 2008 250cc World Champion tragically lost his life on October 23rd, 2011, at the Sepang...
  9. Goop

    Bridgestone to withdraw from MotoGP after 2015

    Where there's smoke there's fire...the rumor is true. Bridgestone is leaving MotoGP, which leaves the door open for Michelin, Dunlop, Pirelli, ???
  10. Goop

    SPOILER ALERT: MotoGP - Round 2 Austin!

    I'm happy that this year is more entertaining! Lots of good racing and... wait for it... Ducati got on the podium in a dry race! Say what?!? Bad news is that Cal Crutchlow crashed hard and got tangled up with his bike. He broke his hand, but he is OK otherwise. His teammate Dovi got his...
  11. Goop

    Think you're hard on your front brake?

    Nothing like Marc Marquez during FP3 this afternoon!
  12. Goop

    Colin Edwards to retire after 2014 season

    What a career! And his personality will be missed! ------------------- Announcing his decision during the pre-event press conference for the Red Bull Grand Prix of the Americas, Colin Edwards told the assembled press that 2014 would be the Texan’s last season racing a motorcycle. Citing a...
  13. Goop

    MCN Fantasy League 2014 - MotoGP/Moto2/Moto3

    For what it's worth, the 2014 MCN Fantasy League is now up and running. Huge caveat: There's no BSB or WSBK riders. I'm assuming since they dragged their feet and got the fantasy league web site running too late, they are only doing MotoGP. They are also including Moto2 & Moto3. To sign...
  14. Goop

    Yet another ridiculous MotoGP rule change

    This is getting beyond stupid. Dorna has no balls. Honda whines and Carmelo Ezpeleta bends over. :shakehead: MotoGP Rule Change Imminent: "Intermediate" Category To Be Added Between Factory Option & Open Classes I mean, come on: The new category, which Ezpeleta dubbed ‘Factory 2′, will see...
  15. Goop

    WSBK: Streaming video available!

    If you can't find reliable broadcasts of WSBK, they now offer video streaming. About 70 Euros for the season. SBK · VideoPass
  16. Goop

    Steve Jobs goes to work - 1981

    If this is a repost, sorry! Looks like a BMW with a boxer engine :) Stylin'!
  17. Goop

    The Holidays: What BEER is in your fridge right now?

    Being that it's now the Holiday Season, I'm starting to collect a decent amount of bottled beer in my refrigerator. White IPA, trippel, stout... :iconbeer: What's your favorite brews for the holidays? Give me some ideas for beers to try! :D
  18. Goop

    Goop's post-Thanksgiving Hangover ride! - Nov 30th!!

    Alrighty then! This Saturday some SoCal Hoons are gonna burn off some Thanksgiving calories/hangovers. Sounds good, right?? I'm thinking about something a little different: We meet at the Chevron on Via Rancho Pkwy. at 10AM. Then we head out past Lake Wholford, to Palomar, then...
  19. Goop

    In 2006 this kid got his pic taken with the MotoGP champ...

    Little did they know that kid would be the 2013 champ!
  20. Goop

    FZ6 Fantasy League - Results!

    Nice racing guys and gal! Pos. Team Points 1 Prebstars Allstars 1657 2 Super Goop Racing 1560 3 Kazzas Kings 1538 4 ginge pfc allstars 1515 5 Stumbles 1493 6 Nobstar racing 1439 7 Humpy 1422 8 Fire Bellies 1384 9 TEAM UMI-ZOOMI 706 10 Zephyr...