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  1. ShoopCE

    Milford PA Rally by Motorcycle Sport Touring Association

    Hi Guys, It's been a while since I've posted here. But Tom Repetti @trepetti and I put together a ride event through the MSTA, centered in Milford PA, and we thought that we would invite anybody who's more or less in the area. The event will run from check-in on Thursday Aug. 1 through...
  2. ShoopCE

    Old Funny Story - Revisited

    Original Title: Who are you, and what did you do with my wife? Before I start the story, please understand that my wife is a wonderful person :thumbup: and has been surprisingly supportive ever since I gingerly mentioned that I was, you know, maybe thinking of buying a bike. (I was riding when...
  3. ShoopCE

    Shoop's New Ride

    2020 MT-09 with absolutely no mods. And it's BLUE!!! My FZ6 now belongs to a neighbor who promised that he'll take care of her. I'll be watching him. It's a seller's market. MT-09's are rare and disappear quickly. The seller managed to look happy for this pic. And he should because he got to...
  4. ShoopCE

    Alert BUMP: Bell Star MIPS DLX Price Drop $160

    Bell Star MIPS DLX, white, XL, $260 $160 plus shipping. I bought this helmet last fall shortly after Bell brought out the MIPS in a street helmet. Besides MIPS, it comes with a Transitions shield - which is awesome. I LOVE the design and quality of this helmet. But I'm selling it because it...
  5. ShoopCE

    ST2 Self-Cancelling Indicators Has anybody on the forum installed this self-cancelling indicator system? The appeal is that this device will turn off the indicators after you make a turn or lane change, or 15-20 seconds if you don’t turn. So no more constant blinking if you...
  6. ShoopCE

    MSF Range Bikes

    I have a question for MSF coaches. (You OH guys are all former MSF now, right Blah) What newer program bikes do you see on your ranges? At PKB in West Virginia we have mostly Honda Nighthawks with a few Rebels, two CRF230's, Suzuki GV's and a single Yamaha Star 250. Good bikes but they're...
  7. ShoopCE

    Newest MSF Rider Coaches in WV

    Three new-found friends and I completed the coaches training workshops this past weekend. It was hot. It was grueling. The coach trainers were..... Well, criticism is a good thing, right? That's me on the left. So, now to begin my career as an apprentice coach. That starts next...
  8. ShoopCE

    Shoop News from WV

    Hey guys, it's been a while since I've been active on here. I've been checking in but not posting much. A lot of things have been happening in my life, so here's an update. First, I'm a GRANDFATHER!!! My son Ryan and his wife :) had a daughter, Hannah, in September. They live in NJ, not...
  9. ShoopCE


    I bought a 2016 FJR1300A. Great bike, great price for the new gen with only 31,000 miles. :thumbup: No - I have not named her "unicorn." Blah I titled the post "unicorn" because it is very rare to find a 2016 for sale and even more rare to find one for a price much lower than the...
  10. ShoopCE

    Cosmetics - Sticker Removal

    Itty bitty trivial issue.. This past weekend I decided to remove the warning sticker about "read the manual and wear a helmet" that was mounted on the gas tank just forward of the fill cap. It was getting yellowed from spills. So I took a razor blade to it then used mineral spirits to rub...
  11. ShoopCE


    This evening I decided to try to add a Signature. It wasn't easy to find the place to do this. There might be easier paths, but I eventually found it several layers deep into the FAQs. Yep, I resorted to reading the directions. But here's a direct path...
  12. ShoopCE

    Can You Remove a Dislike or Like?

    I really like the feature to click on Like or Thanks. I've never used the Dislike button, except one time by mistake - fat fingers on the touch screen. :Flash: So is there a way to remove one of these likes or dislikes? I've tried re-clicking, but the button disappears. Thanks!
  13. ShoopCE

    R6 Forks O! M! G!

    I installed a set of R6s forks today, and WOW! What a difference! Let me say that again with emphasis. WOW!!! Why the bell didn't I do this sooner? A few weeks ago my neighbor, who takes his Honda ST1100 through the twisties like a sport bike, swapped bikes with me for a bit. His...
  14. ShoopCE

    Wonderful Mountain Ride on US-33

    Yesterday I managed to take care of a troublesome errand and to visit a road that I've been meaning to try out. I live in Parkersburg WV near the western end of the state and needed to get funds to a Bank of America and the closest one was Harrisonburg, VA. This was for my daughter's rent in San...
  15. ShoopCE

    What to See/Do at Grand Canyon?

    Hey guys, I'll be driving cross country with my daughter to get her (& her car) to San Diego State for grad school and we're planning to spend a day at the Canyon, actually an afternoon, night and morning. Any suggestions on what to see, do, or where to eat or stay for the night, would be...
  16. ShoopCE

    Shoei Transitions Shield for RF-1200 FINALLY SHIPPING!

    If you bought a Shoei RF-1200 and you wanted the Transitions shield, well it's finally available and vendors are shipping them out. FINALLY!!! Chris
  17. ShoopCE

    NY106 in Harriman State Park

    I just got back from a trip to NY to visit with the in-laws. This year, first time ever, I trailered my motorcycle for our once-a-year visit and explored the surrounding area. We were there from Monday evening through Saturday at noon. Except for Friday I only rode in the early AM so my dear...
  18. ShoopCE

    2015 Ride to Work Day: 6/15/15

    I missed doing this last year. I will be doing it this year! Ride To Work | Ride To Work:: Ride To Work Week
  19. ShoopCE

    Naked FZ6 Sighted in Stony Point NY

    When I was departing from a visit to the in-laws on Sunday, 5/17, I saw a cobalt blue FZ6, no fairing, getting off the Palisades at exit 15. Was that anybody on here? :thumbup: Chris
  20. ShoopCE

    I Need a Snowmobile Conversion Kit

    I like winter, honest. But 14 inches on March 5th is too much. At least it is now that I have returned to motorcycling. All of this should be melted by the middle of next week as the temperatures go from the 40's to the 50's. But I'm going to be in San Diego, without a bike! I'm just...