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    SOLD - 2009 FZ6 - One Owner, Many Upgrades - Under 10,400 Miles

    I'm selling my 2009 FZ6, which has been flawless but just isn't being ridden anymore and needs a new home. Mileage currently stands at 10,382. I've added a number of comfort and safety enhancements, including the dual-headlight modification, Hyper-Lites rear LED running and brake lights, a Cee...
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    We've lost our other baby today.....

    So very sorry to read this. Just two weeks ago we lost a cherished greyhound who would've been 13 today. These amazing companions enter our lives and then are gone far too soon. It sounds as though she had a wonderful life, and was very, very fortunate to have you caring for her to the end.
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    Spencer Seat Modification

    Thanks for that follow-up. I've been in touch with Spencer just last week and am planning to get my stock seat to him this month. Unlike most, I've not had any real issues with the factory seat, but after a 1,500-mile trip a couple of weeks ago, I definitely noticed where some "tweaking" might...
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    Admins needs a favor...

    Vote cast!
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    Universal head lamp conversion relay.

    So, another "thumbs up" after an install of Cliff's dual headlight conversion kit. Cliff got the kit on its way in great time, with everything nicely packaged and ready to go, right out of the box. In a nutshell, the install was straightforward. I had ample time on my hands, so I elected...
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    Ebay levers review (pictures)

    Actually, there are references in this and other threads to folks pressing out the OEM bushing from the factory clutch lever, as well. That might not be routinely necessary, though. The most recent posts, in particular, seem to reflect that the OEM bushing should come out easily -- that...
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    Austin area ride Sunday, 9/25

    Wish I were still up in that neck of the woods. Enjoy!
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    Universal head lamp conversion relay.

    PM sent to inquire about the kit -- thanks!
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    MadStad, Calsci and Others--Concern with Stress on Stock Shield Hardware?

    I have a tallish CalSci screen for touring use, which I purchased used from another forum member. At the previous owner's recommendation I substituted metal screws in place of the OEM plastic ones supplied with the stock windscreen. No issues to date in that configuration, although I can't...
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    Ebay levers review (pictures)

    Just received and installed a set, myself -- standard length, all black. Thanks to everyone who's posted their experiences, as I wouldn't have known about these, otherwise. The package arrived exactly as shown above, and as depicted in the "how to" post and review by jrevans (and that was...
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    Gulf Coast folks, Tex LA, Miss, AL and Fla. Question...

    As part of a larger trip, I hope to be covering a small portion of your route from Corpus Christi to near Houston in mid-October. I'll chime in afterward if I can offer anything helpful. If you want to avoid I-10 and remain to the south, there are some great farm-to-market and ranch roads...
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    The athlete thread

    Yep, congrats!
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    Interest in Black Reflective Wheel Stripes?

    Yes, interested...
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    WOW, sandwiched between cars on bike...

    I saw that message flashing on the traffic sign-boards just this morning, on an expressway here in south Texas. I was glad to see it, but it's sad to learn this accident is why...
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    The athlete thread

    Very generous: 13.5 hours. The time limits typically become more of an issue when the events get long enough to require sleep stops. The clock just keeps ticking, and so average speed begins to nose-dive the longer you're off the bike. There are a couple of RUSA regions in your neck of the...
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    The athlete thread

    Great thread, it's very cool to see what some of the folks here are up to. My personal form of joy (and pain) is endurance road cycling. It's a non-competitive form called randonneuring -- basically riding to complete a set course within set time limits, while having to pass through...
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    Well, I did it.......and appeared to pass the first test!

    Oh yeah...way way bright yellow. I probably glow in the dark.
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    Do you ride in 15-20mph wind?

    I live in a coastal area where winds routinely rise to a steady 20+ mph with gusts in the afternoons. I've never had any significant problem -- I just pay attention to what the wind's doing and expect to go down long stretches of road with a bit of a lean angle dialed in. I also remind...
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    Foot pegs

    Just wanted to drop a note of thanks to Josh -- I recently picked up a set of his front pegs, as well as a pair of inserts for the rears. He got the items to me promptly, and on first inspection I was really impressed with the solidity of the machined parts. Installation was a breeze. In...
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    Any legal brains on here??

    Some issues come to mind as to how something like that might play out here in the States, but I'd hesitate to take a stab since you're in the U.K. I would say, though, that I would hold off immediately filling out and returning any questionnaire from this outfit until you've got a better idea...