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    Speedometer recalibration

    According to gps, my speedo reads about 3mph faster than my actual speed at any given velocity. The GPS is accurate in the two other vehicles I've tested it in. How do I recalibrate it? Also, on a slightly related note, how many teeth should I have on my sprockets? I have a suspicion the...
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    Two Brothers exhaust question

    What is the difference between the aluminium, titanium, and carbon fiber versions? Just cosmetic? There's a $160 difference between the aluminium and the others :u
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    Madstad wind screen or new helmet?

    I've been looking to reduce wind noise and have a generally more comfortable ride. I am 6'2", I emailed madstad and they said the 20" wind screen should give me the "cone of silence" effect. On the other side, my helmet is about six months old, I have it dialed in with camera, UClear and...
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    Glock 20 with goodies for sale

    I am selling my third gen Glock 20. The gun has less than 500 rounds through it and has been a great gun, I just don't need it. Included are 84 rounds of Double Tap Barnes XPB 155 grain hollow points, Blackhawk! paddle holster, two additional OEM Glock magazines (four total 15 round magazines)...
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    Engine hesitates after startup

    This started happening a few months ago - when I start my FZ6 and rev the engine within the first minute or so it hesitates to rev up. The idle is smooth but in neutral or under power it is almost like it is low on fuel. My mileage has been consistent at 42mpg, I started using yamahas...
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    Removing cats?

    I read that the FZ6 has three catalytic converters, that is insane! I have read that it is illegal to remove cats, but motorcycles do not need to pass emissions tests. I don't expect any real increase in power but removing those would drop a lot of weight and heat. Also it would improve the...
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    Givi panniers?

    I want some panniers for my Fazer, these look decent and seem to be the only ones specifically made for the FZ6. Any thoughts or experience? Also how do you pronounce Givi? -.- Givi 351KIT fitting kit to fit Givi PL351 Sideracks without Givi 351FZ Toprack for Yamaha FZ6 Fazer '04-'06 & FZ6 S2...
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    Any suggestions for headphones that A. Sound good B. Protect my hearing on the freeway C. Fit easily in a motorcycle helmet D. Work well for running too ?
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    FZ6 turn signal bulb type?

    I want to upgrade to LEDs but I can't find this info anywhere. I've looked through the materials I have as well as googling but I can't find it. What size bulbs are the turn signals in an 08? The brake light is an 1157 so I'd imagine the signals might be 1156 but I don't know
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    Xenon HID upgrade?

    I remember seeing a thread on here (that Tapatalk isn't pulling up) about using an H7 and H4 Xenon upgrade kit for the FZ6. These were the "Angel Eyes" sets if I recall correctly. I am wanting to upgrade my head lights but can't seem to find these kits anymore. They had the spherical lenses as...
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    First time for everything....

    I dropped my bike tonight. I was making a left turn out of a parking lot, hit some sand, back tire slid out, tried to correct, ended up low sliding at about 15mph. I'm a bit scraped up but otherwise ok. The bike took the brunt of it. Going to need a new fairing, left side head light glass, gas...
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    Wolfman Blackhawks for FZ6

    Would this bag fit well on an FZ6? Any others that work better, with large map windows?
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    Fairing/Helmet/Dash cams

    I want a camera to mount to my fairing (and dash when in the cage) to record for fun and liability purposes. I was initially thinking of going with the GoPro Hero4 Silver, but there are a few other options out there. Here's what I want it to do: Mount anywhere Produce good quality video...
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    CCT thread

    I have a quiet but noticeable "Yamatick" that happens consistently around 3800 and 4200-4500 RPMs. The bike is an 08 with about 7k miles. Everything I've read points to it being the CCT. I wanted to start a thread to clarify a couple things. First, is it possible to remove and oil the CCT (or...
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    Cree LED H7 upgrade?

    I'm looking to get some more light out of my bike, and I think LEDs are finally becoming viable for auto lighting. Has anybody tried them? Do they fit in a stock FZ6? Any recommendations?
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    Upgraded wind screen?

    Hey, I am pretty new here and have been browsing around trying to improve a few things on my Fazer. One thing I would like is a new wind screen - I have read that MadStad is one of the best, but they're a bit spendy for me. What I'm looking for is something that will put my 6'2" body in the...