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  1. Kazza

    Kazza's birthday

    Belated thanks everyone! We were away and had access to phone only, not computer! Extra thanks to Bren for Chris Hemsworth xx
  2. Kazza

    Happy Birthday Travis and Jerry!!!!

    Happy Birthday Travis and Jerry. Hope you both have a fantastic day:rockon:
  3. Kazza

    Need advice......

    Sorry, I mean sell all my modded parts separately then sell my bike stock.
  4. Kazza

    Need advice......

    It's a relucant sale Ade :(
  5. Kazza

    Need advice......

    Thinking of selling my beloved FZ6. Do you think I should part her out or sell as is?
  6. Kazza

    what other bikes do you ride?

    Maybe she should get her own bike. Riding pillion is no fun :(
  7. Kazza

    Scorps on sale at Amazon

    It is both cans.
  8. Kazza

    Hey Mick, Happy Birthday mate!!!

    Happy Birthday Mick!
  9. Kazza

    Happy Birthday Goop!!!!!!

    Happy belated Birthday Bryan!
  10. Kazza

    Happy Birthday Nelly!!!

    Happy Birthday Neil! Have a wonderful day. BTW, I LOVE your age ......... #46 :D
  11. Kazza

    Did he get his money's worth?

    Wow! I wouldn't feel safe. Hit a white line or a damp patch and you're down
  12. Kazza

    So........what's been happening?

    They can have Kezza, but there's only one Kazza lol
  13. Kazza

    So........what's been happening?

    Been away for far too long..... Anyone want to fill me in on what you've all been up to? :spank:
  14. Kazza

    Maybe a possible, potential fz6 owner

    Welcome to the forum! Ridden around Tasmania with a few forum members(I'm from Perth, other riders from Brisbane and Adelaid) - we had an awesome time. The FZ6 is perfect for the roads in Tassie - both recreational and commuting. Comfortable and good on fuel too. Enjoy!
  15. Kazza

    Happy Birthday OZXJR!!!

    Happy belated Birthday Mick!!!!
  16. Kazza

    N.S.W Storm

    Sure is a small world! We're visiting them at the end of the year - I've never been to Newcastle so I'm looking forward to it. Following that we're going up to visit Humperdinkel for a couple of days. Can't wait until the end of the year. Stay safe - the pictures I've been seeing from...
  17. Kazza

    N.S.W Storm

    It's pretty bad. The inlaws live in Newcastle - Elermore Vale - the big tree next door came crashing down in the road - SES had to remove it. Luckily no one was hurt. Stay safe!
  18. Kazza

    MotoGP Argentina (motoGP spoiler)

    :D:D:D:D What else can I say????
  19. Kazza

    Interesting Argentinian MotoGP

    Race? What race?????? BlahBlahBlah I have been betting on Rossi to win and he's come through twice for me now. Not rich from him but I'm having fun with it (I only place dollar bets for fun). Leading the championship 1st 3rd 1st I've tried not to be in everyone's face about...
  20. Kazza

    Sad day for cricket

    Richie - one of the few gentlemen left in the sport - no one had his class. RIP