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  1. trepetti

    FZ6 Blown Engine - options?

    Ouch. Seen this before..... Not good
  2. trepetti

    Need Help Cranking, not starting w/ documentation, video ref & diagnosis details

    You say you did some electrical work. Can you tell us what you did and more importantly, HOW you did it? Where in the harness did you tap in?
  3. trepetti

    Happy Birthday trepetti!

    Thanks fellow dude :)
  4. trepetti

    Happy Birthday trepetti!

    Thanks Scott.
  5. trepetti

    Happy Birthday trepetti!

    Thanks everybody..... I am committed to continue my riding even as my TMB progresses.......
  6. trepetti

    ~~Daily Feed, post what made you laugh today ~~

    The only difference between he an I is that it takes me about 5 Martinis before I start to walk like that :)
  7. trepetti

    Gear indicator issues

    Could you post or point us to the install guide? Might be helpful to see what the garage was 'trying' to do, assuming that it was done wrong...
  8. trepetti

    Throttle balance tool

    There is a post somewhere on this forum about making your own tb sync tool. I built one years ago and used it fairly successfully. Eventually I had trouble 'maintaining' it (ATF staining the hoses, wood drying out, etc.). I bought a Morgan Carbtune after that... and never looked back. Great...
  9. trepetti

    Misfiring when wet.

    Another place to check is on the right side engine cover where the lead from the crank sensor leaves the engine. I had an issue years ago where the sealant around the grommet was old and water was allowed to seep onto the sensor. After washing the bike, it would misfire. After a few minutes...
  10. trepetti

    Please Help, Special Request

    Joe and I have ridden together many times. He used to love the Bear Mountain area near me and he would ride 2.5 hours from his home to ride with me and @ShoopCE, then ride 2.5 hours home. I am so saddened to hear of his loss.
  11. trepetti

    Stay safe everyone

    ...and what happened to "The shiniest headers South of the Mason-Dixon line"? :)
  12. trepetti

    Stay safe everyone

    Good to see that some things are getting back to normal. It's amazing to see how far the canal swelled. The light pole tells a real story about the amount of water you had to deal with.
  13. trepetti

    FZ6 Turbo quad

    I hate hearing this :-) I have had some experience tuning Subaru's using a tool called RomRaider, and I would love to look into tuning my FZ6. I started casually looking into the Megasquirt a year ago and am itching to give it a try. I usually wait till the urge passes, but hearing it again...
  14. trepetti

    FZ6 S2 Engine Noise

    I remember the problem when clutch material got dislodged and worked its way into the gear train that drives the clutch basket. I wonder if there is some debris, clutch or otherwise, that has packed its way between gear teeth? I don't think this is the case, but I am just noodling on things...
  15. trepetti

    Front sprocket stuck

    Get a bar and a towel. At the very least it it frees up your foot and allows you to use body position to your advantage. Anything will do, just wrap in an old bath towel.
  16. trepetti

    Front sprocket stuck

    Make sure you un-bend the metal flap that is hammered against the flat on the nut.... If it is still stuck, hit it with penetrating oil and let it soak. Do this a few times if needed. Did you say the chain is already broken? If that is not the case, get a metal or wooden bar ( I use a...
  17. trepetti

    Happy Birthday Gary in NJ!

    As we get older, I find it helpful to express our age as anniversary of our 25th birthday. So when someone asks your age, you can tell them that you just celebrated the 35th anniversary of your 25th birthday. With today's math proficiencies, hardly anyone will figure it out. :)
  18. trepetti

    Happy Birthday Gary in NJ!

    Happy 25th Gary :)
  19. trepetti

    Dominator exhaust for 04 FZ6

    I purchased the Dominator in the 'New GP' style in January. Ordered on 1/9/22 and shipped on 1/27/22. Took a while to arrive but overall there were no problems with the purchase....
  20. trepetti

    Any S1 owners know the torque spec for the T50 sub-frame to frame bolts?

    If you are comfortable removing and reinstalling the S1 swingarm, on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the hardest, it's a 0. At the time I reused my stock shock, and the hardest part of the whole job was removing the collar that goes through a boss on the swingarm. This comes off 2 ways...