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  1. Cloggy

    Happy Birthday Cloggy!

    Thanks Cliff, had a great birthday and lots of fireworks to finish it off :)
  2. Cloggy

    Need Help Battery cover and cable harnesses

    After a bit of puzzling I got it reasonably arranged. As I said the extra fuse holder for the ABS which was on a mount made it a bit awkward. This was the best I could get it but still think there could have been a bit more play on the cables. Well the bike got picked up today, I guess I never...
  3. Cloggy

    ECU replace

    I also had a problem with the ECU with water ingress, got it repaired but after about a year it would block after riding for a whole day. Good to hear your problem is fixed
  4. Cloggy

    Stay safe everyone

    Hope everyone across the pond is keeping safe with the bad winter weather
  5. Cloggy

    Need Help Battery cover and cable harnesses

    Thanks Cliff think I'm getting there, there just seems to be a lot of cables to fit neatly under the tank, and especially the black box with ABS on it. Yes family is doing well my 2 girls are in further education now so both "grown up" ;) Finally went on holiday this year, did a road trip (in...
  6. Cloggy

    Need Help Battery cover and cable harnesses

    Long time no speak, but here I am with a FZ6 question. I'm finally selling my FZ6 (yup I just couldn't part with it). My question is has anyone a photo or picture of how the cables and plugs neatly sit around the battery. The battery has been out of the bike for a couple of years and now I come...
  7. Cloggy

    My new lid, 1st Arai

    Nice Helmet Kenny, I have a shoei shaped head, especially in flip up helmets, I have the NEOTEC II and got the SRL-2 comms set for christmas/birthday, still really have to test it out tho (the comms set not the helmet :) )
  8. Cloggy

    Do you ride solo or in groups?

    I agree there are several groups to avoid but you can quite easily see by the posts what sort of groups these are, in the worst case join a few and leave a few. My favourite rides are with a smaller group but by going on a couple of bigger rides per year you can easily come in contact with like...
  9. Cloggy

    Do you ride solo or in groups?

    @meadeam have a look on facebook see if there are any riding groups in your area, there might be others wanting to go on a lockdown ride out. I realise nows probably not the best time of year as most are in hibernation but it might give you some time to browse the local groups, I'm a member of...
  10. Cloggy

    Happy New Year All!

    Happy New Year to all members, I really hope that 2021 will be the year to remember for all the right reasons, hope everyone stays healthy :)
  11. Cloggy

    ~~Daily Feed, post what made you laugh today ~~

    This is not meant in any political way at all, I just loved this meme :)
  12. Cloggy

    Do you ride solo or in groups?

    In the lockdown I've found a group of about 4 people (maximum number of riders allowed in the lockdown)who ride about the same pace as myself and who are like minded in their idea what makes for a nice ride. The cafes have been shut for a while now so we stop for coffee at gas stations and try...
  13. Cloggy

    Happy Birthday Cloggy!

    Thanx guys, was a bit quiet this year, but the same as christmas, we are in lockdown until at least 19 january (in NL), hopefully we'll get a respite after this. On the other hand I have managed to go on a lot of rides this year mainly on the Thursday, as my wife works from home now its good to...
  14. Cloggy

    Happy Birthday codeblue!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY @codeblue :cool: Hope you had a great day yesterday
  15. Cloggy

    New member welcome thread..

    Hi Rishi, I quite often ride around Utrecht, especially in the summer, although the weather has been very good to us this year unfortunately the first frost is forecast for Sunday/Monday. I had originally planned to ride around Utrecht yesterday but there was more rain than originally forecast...
  16. Cloggy

    New member welcome thread..

    @Fazed75 where abouts in the Netherlands are you from? As @ShoopCE already said I live in Alkmaar.
  17. Cloggy

    Summer Tour Around Wales on FZ6

    Nice film, shame about the British weather but the countryside is spectacular. My Sis moved to Wales about a year ago now, will have to go see her on the bike sometime (after the Corona virus of course).
  18. Cloggy

    R.I.P Wolfman

    RIP Wolfman, you will be missed :(
  19. Cloggy

    New member welcome thread..

    No Triumph for me, I went with the Yamaha of course :) True I've been negelecting my duties on here, but if there's anything you need. :) Look after yourselves..
  20. Cloggy

    a little bit of sad news

    RIP Wolfman, taken before his time, will always be remembered.