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    Thanks alot man for the help. I live in dubai, hardly few Fz6s around and less poeple who work...

    Thanks alot man for the help. I live in dubai, hardly few Fz6s around and less poeple who work on their bikes on their own. Will visit a hardware store tom with the bolts and choose something bit longer and double check with your measurements. if i failed, may be it is the time to upgrade the...
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    Newbie trial with HID Cyclope Mod.

    Hay all again its me. Today i installed the other side, but i ran into a problem. The high beam is not working. can anyone suggest why or what should i check. please helpppppp.
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    On track with California Superbike School

    The track had some really nice left handers that i felt confident to lean the bike that much. It is the club circuit in the AutoDrome in Dubai. Well, new ones i'll buy and give to the new owner "whenever" and tell him not to install them :) Kazza, I'm started motorcycling 1 year ago, the...
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    On track with California Superbike School

    Hi all, Been on track doing the California Superbike school. Never been able to lean nor hang like that before, it think it is the time for a new bike :s At least one dedicated for the track. Here are some pictures of the grinding that took place. Quoting my instructor "Sparks were...
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    FS: NEW 2008 Headlight - fits all years

    hay man, i got 06 bike. Want to know the list of parts i need to convert from 06 to 08 headlights to be able to assess if it would be a mod within my budget or not. If it is, then i would take them Thanks
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    First Mod!

    Man,,,, looks great. After 2bros exhaus mod, you do the EAR PLUGS mod :D No, on a serious note The 2bros CF was first mod, AFTER frame sliders. MAn, go and put frame sliders, they will save you **** loads of $$$ if something happened. And also when working on the bike. i rest my...
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    wierd noise after a service

    hay man, you replied to my post of the stuck oil filter. This is why i exactly i started to look after my bike myself, i even called the service center one day to book for a service and they didn't know what is FZ6 :S they only knew quad bikes and R6 and R1, else they don't know. Anyway, after...
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    Stuck filter

    ANDDD THEEEE WINNNNEERRRRR ISSSSSSSS Thanks guys alot for your great help. kept trying with the oil wrench as i thought this other tool will damage it further. Actually it did, but it made it rotate like a charm.... of course cursing was a big aid :D thank you all, and hope noone have the...
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    Ottimotto rearsets installed

    Great mod, looking forward to order mine, yet waiting for some hard earned cash to put them in the right place. Where did you order them from?
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    Stuck filter

    Ok, after your replies, i went before work for the hardware store. Note i'm in the UAE so not everything is available. below is the photo of the tools i found, i'm at work now and i can't wait to go back home and give it another go :s Got the chisel just in case i needed to peel it...
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    Stuck filter

    so, i'm off tomorrow to the hardware shop for filter wrench like the link posted, and slip jaw pliers. I'm using the right hand rule, twisting it CCW. it should be right except there is special rule for filters !!! i tried to screw driver and you can see that i went in all the way then when i...
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    Stuck filter

    HI all, 15 min job ended up in a mess, its 2 am here and i will have to leave the bike overnight with no oil. 1) i didn't screw it in, a mechanic did :s If this ever got off, i'll not screw it that way, i read enough about it. 2) i tried unscrewing by hand > by grip gloves> sand paper...
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    Lithium Soap Grease

    bump!!!! Facing the same issue, which lub should i use??? for the bike i mean
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    Two brother exhaust mod help (pipes doesn't fit)

    Next job is change the rear tire, lube the chain, and overall check up then clean the bike. Its the start of the season in our part of the world. this photo i took last month, when i thought it is a good day to ride, turned out it is not. :confused: and the temp you can see, note. this is...
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    Two brother exhaust mod help (pipes doesn't fit)

    ::cheer:THANKS ALL :cheer: yeah baby yeah :rockon: i was dancing like a cheer leader with big belly when i heard this sound growwwllllinngggg and roaarrinnggg. damn, what a feeling. Ok. After reading your inputs, i called an exhaust shop, but when i went down to disassemble the bike...
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    Two brother exhaust mod help (pipes doesn't fit)

    chihuhustud, thanks, but it seems i need to do more than that. Jtarkany, i'm in Dubai, UAE, i don't know what is Harbor Freight and if i order online it will take no less than few weeks :s Bump.....
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    Ottimoto Adjustable Rearsets

    Hi man, congrats, they look great. One question though, what about the break light? any issue? usually race foot pegs doesn't have one, but for street, i need the break light to be working. please update us
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    Leo Pipe Installed

    Congratulations man, i'm working on my Two brothers installtion but it went bad. Got stuck as i'm a newbie in installation. check my post and if you can remember anything from your installation please help. Can't wait to hear my bike growling. Send a photo with your bike after full installation
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    Two brother exhaust mod help (pipes doesn't fit)

    Hi all, i need your urgent help. I was installing the two borthers exhaust today and everything was fine till step #8 which says "Slip the canister/slip tube(V.A.L.E.™) assembly into place and loosely tighten the supplied barrel band clamp." Either i can't get it right, or there is...
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    Considering FZ6 Rear Set

    Reviving an old post... May i ask where do you order them from?