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    Yup gotta do the updates. I remember then the site had thousands of visits per day.

    Yup gotta do the updates. I remember then the site had thousands of visits per day.
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    Hey! it's Nelly's Birthday!

    Happy Birthday!
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    I just made you a super mod
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    Should be good to go
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    Guys I have to rebuild the moderator database. The moderator access has not worked since the upgrade to xenforo. Let me know the forum / forums you were moderating if you wish to continue... PM me Its too much work to do myself! lol
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    Thanks for supporting the site!

    Thanks for supporting the site!
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    Information Forum Migration

    New posts are just new posts. Whats new is everything.. posts, media, comments.. I think...... Still learning the new software
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    Important Tapatalk disabled on the site.

    I recently found out that the company who makes the app (Tapatalk) has started to store user information from forums and have begun to sell advertising based upon this information. We don't sell your info and we don't like the fact that we can't have control over that aspect to keep others from...
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    Information Forum Migration

    opppppsss.. you didnt have access:rolleyes: u do now
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    Information Forum Migration

    All the sub forum are visible now they were in a drop down list before. Have a look and let me know if that is what you meant
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    Information Forum Migration

    Hmmm Let me dig.. I am still learning the new software. I had the old one mastered ..
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    Information Forum Migration

    Done. I have added the Elastisearch advanced search function to the site
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    Information Forum Migration

    Can't do anything about the broken links but I can upgrade the site search function... I have set up the ads now so only banned users or visitors will now get the ads
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    Information Forum Migration

    Thanks for the support guys!!
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    Information Forum Migration

    We do.. Just go in and chat..
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    Information Forum Migration

    Hi Everyone. The site will be offline for a bit as I migrate to new forum software. The current software Vbulletin 4 is has not been supported or had any updates for a few years now and its getting harder to keep it running with server updates and hardware changes so I will be moving the site...
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    Valentino Rossi and Lewis Hamilton Will Trade Vehicles on the Racetrack

    This Should be Fun to Watch Monster Energy has made one of the most interesting events ever possible. Valentino Rossi and Lewis Hamilton will trade vehicles and get out on the racetrack. Both men are sponsored by Monster Energy, so the event was actually fairly easy to orchestrate. The event...
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    Arai Helmets Receive the FIM Gold Medal for Safety

    This Is the First-Ever of its Kind Awarded Arai has made history by winning the Fedreation Internaitonale de Motocyclisme’s (FIM) first-ever Nicolas Rodeil del Valle gold medal for safety. The award has been given before for “two-wheel racing activities and management of business,” but it has...
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    Los Angeles has a new Zero Emissions Roadmap 2.0 Plan

    80 Percent of New Vehicles to be Electric by 2028 The electric vehicle movement is now in full swing. It’s not just electric motorcycles that are included in this, but they are an important part of the equation. According to RideApart, Los Angeles has an ambitious new goal for electric vehicles...
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    Triumph and James Bond Pair Up in “No Time To Die”

    Two Models are Featured The new James Bond trailer recently dropped and there are Triumph motorcycles in the film. Two different models. There’s the all-new Tiger 900 and the Scrambler 1200 XE. In the film cars and motorcycles play a prominent role. There are the usual Aston Martin vehicles, but...