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  1. IndyFZ6

    Feeler: Thinking of selling US Spec 2008 FZ6 in NL.

    If no interest I will certainly bring it back with me!!!
  2. IndyFZ6

    Feeler: Thinking of selling US Spec 2008 FZ6 in NL.

    All, I am preparing to move back to the US this summer. Thinking of selling my US spec 2008 FZ6 here in the Netherlands before I move back to the US. Bike is clean, only 12,000 miles on it. I have not gotten to ride it as much as I wanted while living here in Netherlands...
  3. IndyFZ6

    Anyone ridden KTM 690 Duke?

    Sorry. I didn't even try to set up a link. This 21st century tech is smarter than me sometimes.:confused::confused:
  4. IndyFZ6

    Anyone ridden KTM 690 Duke?

    So at the Motorbeurs in Utrecht yesterday, I sat on the KTM 690 Duke. Felt very comfortable, nice upright seating position, I know it would be comparing apples and oranges to compare a 690 single to the inline 4 of the FZ6, just curious if anyone has ridden one and your impressions? Seems...
  5. IndyFZ6

    Motorbeurs 2014 Utrecht 20-23 Feb

    Heading to Motorbeurs tomorrow afternoon with some friends. What's the info from those who went yesterday or today? How was it?
  6. IndyFZ6

    Motorbeurs 2014 Utrecht 20-23 Feb

    I hope to make it one of the days, but it depends on work. Should have a better idea by end of this week.
  7. IndyFZ6

    Clutch Slave Levers - I'm making them again

    All I can say is SWEEEEET!!! Install was simple if you follow KN's instructions on page 15 of this thread. I left it in the fourth (farthest out) hole, like KN sent it. Much smoother and lighter pull, much better friction zone. Only had time for a quick mile or two ride, but definitely...
  8. IndyFZ6

    Clutch Slave Levers - I'm making them again

    I received my parts a couple days ago. Hope to get the time to install this weekend. Superb craftsmanship BTW. Cant wait to try it out after all the rave reviews. Thanks Killer:rockon::rockon:
  9. IndyFZ6

    Lorenzo out of Assen

    I would definitely need clean underwear. Just goes to show you though that ATGATT works. He walked away from a hard crash at well over 100 mph. Amazing how those guys can get up and walk away from crashes like that.
  10. IndyFZ6

    KN Clutch slave lever mod

    PM sent. I'll take it
  11. IndyFZ6

    Assen MotoGP

    So, anyone going to the moto GP in Assen? I missed it last year as I moved to The Netherlands in July. Not sure what to expect. Would like to go. Any suggestions? I used to live in Indianapolis, so I went to the Indy Moto GP a couple times. it was a blast.
  12. IndyFZ6

    Blue wig wags finally complete

    That being the case, I like it. Just didn't want to see anyone get a ticket unnecessarily.
  13. IndyFZ6

    Blue wig wags finally complete

    Better check with the police in your area. In many places, blue lights are indeed reserved for emergency (usually police) vehicles.
  14. IndyFZ6

    Role call for Dutch riders

    I am an American now living in Wassenaar. Plan to be here 3-6 years for work. I have a 2008 FZ6 which I bought in late 2010. I speak some Dutch but I find it hard to practice here. As soon as I start speaking Dutch, you can tell I am American so folks tend to revert to English. All Dutch...
  15. IndyFZ6

    Top case advice?

    I have the Shad 45 liter top case with Shad mount. Bought them from my LBS about two years ago. The case is large enough to lay a full two piece suit, shirt and tie in it and not wrinkle them. Makes it nice for the commute. Quality seems fine so far.
  16. IndyFZ6

    GF finality got to take her ER-6N out

    great pics. What part of WV are you from? I was born and raised in WV. :rockon:
  17. IndyFZ6

    What bike did you learn on?

    Started in the dirt since age 6. First street was a 1986 Suzuki Savage 650 (now called the S40 I think). Then a 1994 Suzuki Bandit 400. Several years off street bilkes still riding dirt, then in 2010 bought a 2008 FZ6.
  18. IndyFZ6

    Bridgestone wants T30 test riders in France, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

    Thanks for the link Cloggy. We will see if any of us get selected.:rockon:
  19. IndyFZ6

    Hello everyone :-)

    Welcome to this fantastic forum. Everyone here is great. Remember ATGATT!!!
  20. IndyFZ6

    Best Mods to make my FZ commuter friendly ?

    Mirror extenders made by jblk9695 on this forum have been one of the best, least expensive mods I have done. Much better rear view, now I am not seeing my shoulders in the mirrors.