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  1. Cameronhall

    NEED Photoshop Help

    Special thanks to Erci. I Really like the look. I didnt think of the fact it was made for just shiny metals, good catch.
  2. Cameronhall

    NEED Photoshop Help

    Hey guys, im still in the process of prepping parts for paint. I've decided to stick with black although I've here blue was faster..... :) I would really like to know if someone on here can Photoshop my bike in copper plate? This is the paint i was thinking of trying. Dupli-Color ...
  3. Cameronhall

    Sniper Elite II

    great game, bought it for 18 bucks. it a must buy game
  4. Cameronhall

    WTB: 2007+ Speedometer

    Recluse420 here is what id did. enjoy!
  5. Cameronhall

    Cameron's Koso DB-02R Install (FZ6)

    Links to the products, and instructions for both are in the links. DB-02R DIGITAL LCD METER STREET/RACE VERSION THE PLUG-IN INDICATOR KIT for DB-02 & DB-02R Building the mounting bracket. I used the metal project pieces rather than cutting a sheet of metal. They can be found at Lowes in...
  6. Cameronhall

    WTB: 2007+ Speedometer

    I've been looking at these Koso brand speedos. They dont look bad and the price is way better.
  7. Cameronhall

    2006 Yamaha FZ6 - Looking to buy

    Welcome to the thread!! I'd have to agree with most of the guys here. Hold out for an S2 with low miles for around 3500. I think i may know a guy local to me selling his 07 blue. If your interested in a hike LMK and I'll get you the specs. I do know the bike is perfect and he has added a...
  8. Cameronhall

    2007 FZ6 (4K Virginia)

    GO VA!! Great looking bike. GLWS. PS ill take that CF chain/tire cover off your hands :D
  9. Cameronhall

    Advice wanted on The Dragon

    Please be careful on moon shiner's road. It is a great road but coming off the dragon with great banking in the curves, moon shiner's road is just as tight and fun but no banking and it will sneak up on you. I went to the Rx7 meet at Natahala Village (amazing). I stayed at the Microtel inn...
  10. Cameronhall

    Some Ingenuity Needed

    stop by one of your local auto repair shop and tell then what you r problem is and the size of the nut. they have special sockets made just for that problem. warmthe nut and bolt with a hairdryer or place a sodering gun on the bolt to heat the loc tight and use the special socket on it you may...
  11. Cameronhall

    WTB: 2007+ Speedometer

    Will do, retail there going for about $500.00 +or-. Im hitting up some guys now on the forum on part outs threads. Ill let you know.
  12. Cameronhall

    09 FZ6 Partout

    Do you have a speedometer for sale? thank you also sent PM
  13. Cameronhall

    WTB: 2007+ Speedometer

    looking for a 2007 + speedometer. around 9000 mile would be great. LMK im ready to buy at a fair price. thanks
  14. Cameronhall

    fz6 speedometer

    Do you still have this for sale? :confused:
  15. Cameronhall

    Do you still have speedo for sale??.?.?.?.?

    Do you still have speedo for sale??.?.?.?.?
  16. Cameronhall

    fz6 speedometer

    I'll take it. I've sent you an email with my info. I also see your just on the other side or Madagascar so shipping should be a breeze lol. thanks and awaiting a reply.
  17. Cameronhall

    Flipped the bike..........

    that veilside kit is amazing. but that can get close to 15 grand if not more. thats the worth of the car. it is the coolest car ever though in tokyo drift. I'll be fine and if i eat **** ill heal and rebuilt, amen. :thumbup:
  18. Cameronhall

    Thank you MSF guys/gals

    Hey no big deal, i ate asphalt not too long ago. 5-10 mph. I've been off the bike for 6 months. Tuesday will be my first real ride since. Get back on that horse!!!
  19. Cameronhall

    Cherry BOMB glass pack muffler!

    Save your money and your time. Soon enough someone will have what you want for cheap and post it in the classifieds. Just be patient it'll pay off. You may make a change or a weld you cant fix.