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  1. brian-oki

    Does anybody know how to adjust your mirror's?

    I have heard of people swapping mirrors from one side to the other. It makes them stick out a little more. You could get bar end mirrors also..
  2. brian-oki

    My Top Speed

    I have had my fz up to 149 showing. But that with a front 15 t sprocket also.
  3. brian-oki

    Really didn't want to ever make this thread...

    I lowsided into a guardrail about 50 mph. I had cracked plastic, and busted rims, plus minor other things and they totalled my bike. I say this because I want you to think, do you really want to rebuild if its close to being gone, and questionable engine problems. It may be better to take the...
  4. brian-oki

    exposed front sprocket

    you just take the cover off, but you have to keep it clean,and some oil,grease may fling on your pants alittle. My buddy has an R1, and he had to take the cover off to GP shift.
  5. brian-oki

    2006 vs 2008 FZ6

    I had a 06 model, and I changed my front sprocket for $20.00 , a BIG difference in the pick up. But I think the 06 has more power, but I love the instrument panel on the 08. I'd go with the 08, and change the sprocket.
  6. brian-oki

    seat cowl

    BUMP.. Price reduced to $60.00/ shipped. I dont need this, want to sell it.
  7. brian-oki

    Bought a 2nd FZ6!!! Header pipe blueing question...

    my 06 did that also, you can buy MOTHERS POLISH, I have heard that,and some fine steel wool can take out the gold,and blue in the pipes. Please double check me before you do it.
  8. brian-oki

    Coca-cola 600

    Is anyone going to the race that lives close by? I need a EVENT PIN for my dad please, please PM me if your going so I can send a check to you.
  9. brian-oki

    seat cowl

    I have a carbon seat cowl I bought 2 rides before I totalled the bike. It is in perfect shape, I paid around 130.00 for it. I would like 85.00/shipped for it now please(obo). Heres the short cut to the picture of it. Please email me...
  10. brian-oki

    Carbon Fiber seat cowl

    I have bought a seat cowl , had it on for 2 rides then totalled the bike. It is perfect(not a scratch at all), I would like to sell it for 85 dollars shipped please(obo). Powerbronze UK International - If you buy from them it take 3-4 weeks to come in. e-mail me( [email protected] )...
  11. brian-oki

    R1 exhaust

    I have a chance to get a 08 R1 exhaust mufflers, for my 06 FZ6. Does anyone know if they will fit, or come close?
  12. brian-oki

    FZ1 bars installed

    I did my fz1 bar switch couple weeks ago, I'm very happy. I bought from my local dealer online for 42.00 dollars tax and all. The best mod to do, and I did the front sprocket also, very easy...
  13. brian-oki

    sprocket i need a new nut

    I also used the old nut, the bike only had 3,200 miles on it at the time too. I am doing the rear sprocket this fall, when I change my rear tire.
  14. brian-oki

    New exhaust cans

    Should be for BOTH. You should look at devils, or arrow for around 500.00
  15. brian-oki

    looking for boots,pants..

    Im looking for a size 12 boots, and a 36" ,34 length leather pants with armour. Just pm me please with info.
  16. brian-oki

    Going Rate for an '07???

    I bought my 06 in july 2008 with 1,960 miles on it for 5500.00 dollars.
  17. brian-oki

    Little help for a new owner

    thank you for the website about the service manuel looks great.
  18. brian-oki

    Recent Bike Swap REVIEW!

    It is a very mean machine. But at least you are big enough to handle the power. So did your buddy pass or fail?
  19. brian-oki

    need help deciding?

    ok thanks, I just couldn't figure what number for my weight.
  20. brian-oki

    need help deciding?

    I'm 5'9 185 lbs. What setting does the shock need to be for the twisties, my other fellow riders dont have fz6. They all have fz1's and rockets.