2 fairing stays and a headlight unit


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I have 2 fairing stays and a headlight unit (2009 Black FZ6). The stays are bent but not broken. I assume they are easy to bend back for someone who knows what they are doing. Though I'm just assuming since I am not someone who would know. I could take pictures if needed.

The headlamp is in decent but about the shape you would expect for an 11 year old bike EXCEPT the parts where you screw it into the stay are broken off and there is a small crack next to the top right one (from riders point of view looking at the back).

I live in Queen's near the Queensboro bridge and while I'm out of work (I work in Sunnyside) until the quarantine is over I do have a class that I ride to every Sunday (it's still going on right now) in Bensonhurst Brooklyn. I'm happy to meet up. Otherwise I'm terrible at getting things shipped out in a timely manner (translation it will probably take me like a weekish unless you truly need it fast) but I'll ship it with whatever service you want for whatever they charge me.

I'll be throwing the parts out if no one claims them in about a weeks time. I really hope that someone can use it/them though :)


2007 FZ6
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Just an FYI, the stay, with it's odd shape is very stout when not bolted up.

It's just about impossible to bend it back into original state.

Very, very nice of the offer but, in real life a bent stay, even slightly, is scrap metal..
(I've junked several of them from 0 MPH tip overs).