2008 Mileage Contest!


Mrs. Reiobard
You only need to run one mileage contest, but with two categories. Seasonal and year round riders rather than commuter and weekend warriors.
Seasonal and year round are good distinctions, but me, as a weekend warrior, will never get as many miles on my bike as rob, a commuter who puts on over 90 miles a day during the week, plus joy rides.

and there should eb a third category: pregnant women. I totally would have won that one.


Junior Member
I kinda forgot about this thing. My mileage at the end time is 65,828km. My insurance ran out on Oct 23 so I didn't do any riding after that. As well I stopped commuting with the bike to carpool instead about 2 months prior to my insurance running out.


Touring Mod
Yea it seemed many did forget about it. Hopefully for next years contest we can keep some postings up somewhere to remind you guys about it. We have about a month to figure how you guys/gals want the contest to work next year. I might started another thread with a poll to see how it goes.