2009 FZ6 Maintenance Manual?

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Hey everyone!

New member here, I think I searched as much as I could, but I could not find anything.

I have a 2009 FZ6, and I'm failing to find a maintenance manual for my specific year. So far I've found:

Yamaha FZ6 Fazer 600 Repair Manual 2004-2008 | Haynes 4751

It's for the 2008, but according to Wikipedia, the bike is technically unchanged from the 2008 model. Do you guys know of a 2009 specific manual? Or should I just go with the 2008? Thanks a bunch!


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Hi and welcome to the forum. There are two groups the S1 from 04 to 06 and the S2 from 07 to 09. Few of the service techniques or specifications changed between the two groups. That manual should work fine for you.

That is not to say there are not changes or differeneces. There are plenty. Some are cosmetic, some are functional. The most notable differences are improved braking on the S2 front caliper, the instrument cluster, O2 sensor and exhaust change (emissions related), and perhaps a minor safety item being the output shaft locking nut on the S2 is less prone to loosening....

They are very reliable bikes when properly maintained.
Two noteable issues apply to both; do NOT jump start them from a running car and IF it takes more than one finger to operate the clutch, lube the cable several times and ride it. If it doesn't loosen to point of pulling with one finger, replace the cable.

Use the search function. Many questions have answers!
Be safe!


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The 2004-2006 is the "first version of this style"

The 2007-2009 are all pretty much the same as the above but with some upgrades/changes.

Yamaha makes two DIFFERENT manuals for each of the above...

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Welcome to the forum

The Haynes manual is good for both the S and S2 models.

(but be certain which one you actually have, mine is the first version , built in 2005, 5VX6, but registered in 2007 )

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How do you know if you have a FZ6 or FZ6R?
A simple way to tell is look at your ownership papers. Another simple way is to observe what your frame looks like. If it's tubular steel it's the FZ6r. If it's the cast aluminum frame it's the FZ6. There are quite a few differences.