A headlight/naked query, yet another one


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So like many others, I've been thinking of going from my FZ6-S1 to FZ6-N. The conversion kits seem to be of limited quality and not exactly the look I'm after. So, I found some universal headlight for FZ16 that looks like I want, and wondering if anyone have tried that. I'm considering the headlight as well as the wind screen and thinking I need speedo bracket, speedo cover, turn signals and som custom headlight brackets. Do you think this will be possible?

Similar headlight


Gary in NJ

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FZ16! I had to look that up to discover that it's a 160cc bike sold in India. I wouldn't get excited about the quality of a $29 headlight assembly for a $1,100 (new) motorcycle.

You will need a speedo bracket and rear cover. You will also require fork brackets to mount the light and directional signals (the CNC's aluminum ones from SpeedMotoCo are great, I have them on 2 of my bikes).

I wish I did a better build thread, but here is what I did: https://www.600riders.com/threads/going-naked.57923/


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Yeah, I only expect to get what I pay for here, but worth a try. Turns signals seem to have mounting on the headlight side fairing, but I second the speedo bracket and back cover. Thanks for the tips on fork brackets.


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If you're going from the dual headlight FZ6 you'll want to address lo to high beam switching issues or go to an LED H4 configuration headlamp. Also the lamp the FZ16 comes with is probably not the standard 55/65 watt H4 so if it comes with a lamp also confirm it will use an H4 lamp and not just an H7 lamp because the H7 reflector assembly will not receive the H4 lamp.


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Thanks, great tip. I've already done the dual headlight mod, so I have the H4 fully connected and switchable. Will check up on what the assembly supports.