Abnormal high idling


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Hello everyone,

The last few weeks I have been working on replacing the head gasket on my 2004 FZ6. This week I started putting everything back together, but I started having problems while trying to start the motorcycle. The motorcycle was running fine before it got taken apart.
When starting the engine the rpm increase to 3000 and sometimes even 4000 rpm, which is way too high.
I have checked if my throttle cable was too thight, but everything seems fine with that and all the 4 air intake valve close and open normally.
The fuel injection system also doesn't seem to be leaking at the seal with engine, all the seals are snug in place and seem airtight.
I tried to adjust the idle speed of the bike with the idle screw, but this didn't solve the problem
I have looked in the diagnostics system of the motorcycle and everything seemed fine except for three error codes; D61: 13, 30 and 46
But I'm not able to find out what these codes mean.
Does anybody here has any suggestions or a solutions to this problem?



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Referencing the service manual:
Fault code 13- Intake air pressure sensor-open or short circuit detected. Probable cause:
-Open or short circuit in wiring sub lead.
-Open or short circuit in wiring harness.
-Defective intake air pressure sensor.
-Malfunction in ECU.

Fault code 30- The motorcycle has overturned. Probable cause:
- Overturned.

Fault code 46- Power supply to the FI system is not normal. Probable cause:
-Malfunction in “CHARGING SYSTEM”.

PM me with your email address if you need a copy of the FSM.

(edit: You may want to clear the stored codes, then start the bike again and see which is triggered anew. Obviously the 'overturned' is stored and not applicable, for example.