Bought an S2 Swing arm, for S1, a little help please.

Paul Myrus

Hey folks, I got an S2 swing arm, pretty cheap, Yamaha EU were charging me 1,012 Euro for a new one..
Anyways got a cheap one, question for the guys who have S2's

Is there any part missing in this pic? no worries if I need to buy the extras. for e.g I don't see any tensioners for the chain
Any help greatly appreciated unnamed (3).jpg

Paul Myrus

This pic was for the brake line but in the far left, you can see the "block" along with a bolt and locking nut that goes inside to adjust the chain/axle.

Parts link to see what your going to need:

Quick question Townsend, I can't find info anywhere on the net, are the S1 and S2 swing arms the same length? will I need new chain an sprokets? Only got new ones 2 months ago.
Thanks again for your help bro!