Calling all PNW owners


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Been going thru old posts looking up answers to my FZ6 related questions. It looks like there was a fair number of Oregon and Washington FZ6 owners on here in the past. I'm curious how many of you still have your fz's, or if you've sold it but still hang around here?


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I was just curious how many of the guys(and ladies) who use to post here in the past are still around, or if they've moved onto other motorcycles/interests. I saw there was at least one member who lives/lived here in Washougal, but it looked as though he last posted in 2014. Although I eventually withdrew my membership from the ZRXOA I remained active on that board for a few years after I had sold my last ZRX. I remain friends with several of the west coast members that I met from that forum over the years. Some of them moved onto different makes/models of motorcycles while others still have a ZRX.


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I still have my 06 with 75000 miles on her. Still runs great with no problems. I had a track day last June.



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Been trolling the forum for 9 years (how long I've owned my bike too!). Still have my 2005 FZ6 going on 75,000 Miles. Haven't ridden quite as much in the last 5 years. First track day last year (Was totally awesome). Messed my wrist up earlier this year on a quad so didnt ride for most of this year. Got back on last week! Riding in the PNW is so awesome.