Cameron's Koso DB-02R Install (FZ6)


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Links to the products, and instructions for both are in the links.



Building the mounting bracket. I used the metal project pieces rather than cutting a sheet of metal. They can be found at Lowes in the hardware section $10. Easy to put together, cut and paint.

Doubled up on some of the parts and added a few more supports

More rubber grommets on mounting points

Now to the wiring.....

I had a hard time, and even messaged a few members for help. But after a while I got it figured out. This is a edited copy of the chart from Geoff's write up ( who installs a RX1N.

The accessory indicator unit has 4 positive ports and 4 negative ports. Meaning the right side of the unit will light up if it sees a negative input or ground, and opposite for the left (positive). Like when neutral is engaged it grounds the wire (Light Green) that now goes to the koso indicator and completes a circuit turning on the neutral light. Now you only have 4 ports that are positive so if you want a positive signaled wire on the right side (negative side) you'll have to add a relay to show a negative.

My set up for the indicators starts with left or positive side being left turn signal, high beam, oil, and engine check. Right or negative side is right turn signal (- relay), neutral, blank, blank.

Speedometer Sensor

Find the magnets that come with the speedometer and put one in each of the allen bolts heads (I noticed a “N” symbol on them, north maybe and I faced it out). I have the R6 fork and brake conversion and I had 5 allen bolts to fill. It may be different for yours. Once there in (have fun…) take the bottom bolt on the fork to the caliper out, and use the supplied bracket for the speedometer sensor. I mounted my bracket at a “5 o’clock” position. Put the sensor in and position the tip of it 2 mm from the tip of the magnet. NOW make sure the sensor is NOT directly in line with the magnet, it needs to be off to the side. So that the edge of the magnet is lined up with the center of the speedometer sensor’s center. There is a diagram in the directions. Now tighten everything down and run the cable to its corresponding plug. There are pictures in directions.

Next measure the tire’s circumference. Pretty easy, put a piece of tape on the front tire. Lay measuring tape on the ground about 8 long. Start the tape at the 0 mark a roll the bike until the tire completes a revolution. My tire (Michelin pilot power 2ct) was 72 inches long. So grab your Ipad and ask Siri how may millimeters that is. She replied 1830 mm and that’s what you’ll put into the first adjustment screen on the Koso. The next input is the # of magnets you used, again I used 5 so… put 5. And done.


Here is a picture with the tank lifted, above in front of the battery is the coil for the RPM. There are 2 wires that connect to it on the right. One easily visible on top that is Red+Green and one under it that is harder see and is Grey+Brown. The bottom Grey+Brown is the wire you want to use for the rpms.

This is a picture looking through the opening on the right side of the bike through the frame. That is the black plug that is from the rpm B type wire, it has replaced the OEM Grey+Brown. Then now unplugged Grey+Brown now plugs into the male end of the rpm B type wire. I found no information on what to do with the small circle end wire that is there. I wrapped it in electrical tape and tucked it away.

Now on the gauge you'll have to set the rpm pulse settings. Hold both buttons for six seconds and press the left button until you get to the screen it has the (LowAct or Hiact) and (P - 0.5 through 6) . You'll choose high act and P - 2, and then I set the rpm range to 15K.

More to come for the write up. will add soon. if you find any erros PLEASE PM ME and I'll fix them.
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Hi, I have a question. How did you solve the immobilizer? My bike normally starts with the original speedometer, but not without it or with the koso. The alarm is lit and working, but the problem must be in the immobilizer, which probably has data in the speedometer as well. Thanks for the reply.